January 30, 2023


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Rejection of NRK and TV 2 in the Qatar World Cup: – Error in comparison

Only about half of those who watched the 2018 FIFA World Cup have sat in front of screens this year. NRK editor Espen Olsen Langeveldt didn’t call it a crisis.


The final broadcast on NRK between Argentina and France on Sunday was watched by an average of 926,000 television viewers, with a peak audience of 1.3 million. The average viewership of the channel’s television broadcasts reached 216,000 in the group stage, while the number was 495,000 for the cup stage matches. The total is a 41 percent drop from WC in 2018, but that doesn’t worry sports editor Olsen Langfeldt.

– It would be wrong to compare the viewing figures from the World Cup in 2018 with the World Cup in 2022. Among other things, the just-ended tournament was staged for the first time at this time of year. Then we should not ignore the fact that it was important for Qatar to be the host country. We were ready for this, Langfeldt wrote journalist.

Qatar and FIFA have long been criticized for organizing the tournament. Veegard Jansen Hagen, TV 2’s sports editor, stated that one of the reasons could be that it was held in Qatar in the winter. TV 2 had an overall decline of 46 percent.

– The numbers are undoubtedly weaker, and there are many explanations for that. The Winter Football Championship is an apparent break from decades of solid and traditional viewing habits. Boycotts also play a role, but we’re not sure how big, especially in light of the fact that viewership skyrocketed during the World Cup, he says.