Remove greasy stains

Remove greasy stains

If there is one thing you must do quickly if you are unlucky and spill cooking grease on your clothes, it is to remove the grease stain.

So what is the best way?

Here you get the “easiest in the world” tip!

Find the kettle

Over the years, we have written many issues About different tips for removing stainsAnd there are two things in particular that get repeated:

1: If possible, you should treat the stain right away. If the stain seeps into the fabric over time, it can become very difficult to remove and, in the worst case, you won’t be able to remove it completely.

2: Different types of stains often require different types of treatment. This trick works, for example, on red wine stainsWhile This trick removes candle wax.

But this time it’s about grease stains.

Grease stains are probably one of the hardest things to remove from clothes, but the trick we tested is ridiculously simple and effective.

This is what you do:

  • Once you spot the grease stain, you should undress and find the kettle.
  • Fill it with water and boil it.
  • Place a deep bowl in the sink and place the garment over the bowl with the stain facing up.
  • Then slowly dump boiling water over the grease spot until the kettle empties.

In the video above, you can see how it went when we tested the trick!

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– can be effective

So what do experts say about the kettle trick?

– It really depends on what kind of grease stain you’ve spilled on the clothes, but this trick can work, yeah, says Marthy R. Lien, Master of Chemical Cleaning at Marthy Dry Cleaners.

– We know that if you rinse a grease stain with cold water, it will initially be able to stick together better, so heat is important to loosen the grease stain, answers Kirsten Ellingsen of stain removal manufacturer På Stell AS.

Ellingsen makes sure to use stain removers and methods that do not harm the environment or people.

– Our experience is that this is also gentle on clothes and cares for them in the long run, she says.

Water as a stain remover is naturally the most environmentally friendly agent you can use. At the same time, Ellingsen is getting a little worried about the boiler hoax.

– I’ve never experienced this myself, but it could mean that you burn yourself easily. She adds that not all clothes can withstand boiling water.

Lemon soap

Use water as hot as the garment can tolerate, Ellingen confirms:

– The best and simplest way is to rub the stain with an effective, eco-friendly stain remover soap in warm water before machine washing. We recommend using lemon soap, as it is so gentle that it can be used on all types of textiles; It also says wool and silk.

If the garment was washed before the stain was discovered, the expert explains, the stain probably stuck better, because the stain sets itself into the fabric in the process.

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– In such cases, the garment should be left in the soapy water for a few hours after rubbing the stain with lemon soap. Ellingsen adds that the soap has time to dissolve the stain before the garment is machine washed.

Fragile clothes

According to Lian, it is often possible to remove stains by washing the garment at 60 degrees in the washing machine.

– But there are many fragile garments and other textiles that cannot withstand machine washing or high temperatures. Then I recommend chemical cleaning. Lian says it is foolish to destroy linen, cotton, synthetic fabric or a silk blouse.

Another option is lemon cleanser, which is a foaming spray based on lemon soap, advises Ellingsen.

– It should be sprayed on the stain, and the foam should be massaged into the stain and finally wiped with a clean, damp cloth, she says.

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