Renate Reinsve (33): – Many doors opened – VG

Renate Reinsve (33): - Many doors opened - VG

Rinat Renzvi went through surreal months after the success of Storm with her first leading role in Joachim Trier’s The Worst Man in the World.


The first Norwegian movie won’t be released until October 15, but now VG can show the trailer for the critically acclaimed film that saw Rinat Rensev evade the award as Best Actress during Cannes earlier this summer.

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– He certainly opened many doors. I am called to great things and an incredibly wonderful experience. Rainsvi says I have met many impressive people and been contacted about projects at a very high level, without being able to be specific about the projects in question.

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– I have some movie projects at the end of this year that I’m really looking forward to. I’ve been invited to stay in Paris for a while, so we’ll see what happens. Now I’m really looking forward to finally being able to see the movie and becoming the audience movie, she says.

by movie critics. When “The World’s Worst Man” was shown during the main competition in Cannes, it became the subject of wonderful superlatives.

– An instant classic, written among others The Guardian.

And that’s for a movie in which Joachim Trier has been thinking about Rensvi since she had a small role in “Oslo, August 31” ten years ago.

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– Until then I thought it was there – I’ll use it later, too. So “The Worst Man in the World” was written with Rinat in mind, Trier told VG earlier this summer.

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– I had been in great respect for Joachim for a long time, and I must say that it came so suddenly, and I was quite trembling and very frightened of disappointment. I was very proud and happy to have the opportunity to work with him, says Renate Rinzvi.

Trophy: Director Joachim Trier and Rinat Reinsvi standing here with her trophy prove that she was named Best Actress during this summer’s Cannes Film Festival.

She describes her own role as Jolie as a smart, funny, and talented woman who struggles to figure out what she should be and who she should be.

– It makes her so restless and restless, I know a lot about her relationship with Julie herself. I think she is in many ways of us, a very complex and wonderful character who lives in the chaos of love and choice, she says.

– When I first saw the movie; How would you rate your own efforts?

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– Haha, I sat in Cannes and thought the movie was cool, but because I ruined everything, I was probably too nervous, Rensev laughs.

– I try everything I can to see it and I think someone else is playing, to be able to see it objectively, but it is not quite comfortable to sit and watch themselves on the screen for a long time, but it is certainly not all about me. It has to do with all the components of the entire project, led by Joachim, culminating in something that people recognize and people touch, and that is the most important thing.

Rinat Rensvi knows she can work anywhere, at home in Norway or abroad, as long as the project is good enough and it hits her, because she feels that everything about the “worst man in the world” did.

– I’m not too worried about whether he’s here or abroad. Just look at Joachim, he has developed his own path here at home, and I have everything to thank for the teachers and colleagues I learned so much from here at home in Norway. I love working on good projects, both here and abroad. I rely heavily on the director to be able to work and prefer to work on projects where the director gets a lot of space.

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