Renault Zoe and Dacia Spring

Renault Zoe and Dacia Spring

(Electric Car 24): Renault ZOE has for many years been among the most popular electric cars in Europe, including Norway. So far this year, more than 1,000 copies have been registered in this country, and with a total of 15,272 registrations, it is the ninth best-selling electric car in Norway through the ages.

The car appeared on the market already in 2012, and came in a significantly upgraded version at the end of the fall of 2019.

It disappears in 2022

But time is running out for the French electric car, which became very clear when it recently underwent tough safety and crash tests at Euro NCAP.

As the third car in history, the new Renault ZOE was awarded 0 stars, or in other words: it was literally butchered.

Renault importer RBI Norge AS has now announced that the electric car, which has been Renault’s most important model in Norway in recent years, is not included in the company’s future plans.

Director of PR and Marketing for Renault and Dacia in Norway, Roger Andersen, confirmed above Website Engine In the future, they will focus on the new generation of electric cars from Renault, with the Renault Megane E-Tech at the fore.

We envision 2022 being the last year this can be ordered, Andersen tells Motors, but at the same time he says the miserable result of the Euro NCAP crash tests did not influence the decision.

However, Zoe’s got a successor, the somewhat legendary Renault 5, which comes in all-new packaging and with all-electric motors. You can Read more about it here.

the future: Renault has great confidence in the news of the Megane E-Tech electric car. Video: Elbil24
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Spring is unlikely to come

However, Renault ZOE wasn’t the only car from the company to be slaughtered at Euro NCAP. The cheap Dacia Spring, which has been referred to many times as the cheapest electric car in Norway, Only received one star, which is also one of the rarities.

The car was originally scheduled to be launched in Norway in 2021. Now, however, plans have been put on hold.

As of today, Dacia Spring is not suitable for the Norwegian market, so there are no plans now for a launch, Andersen tells Elbil24.

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