Renewable investment grants Tomas Fagerbekk victory in the fourth week of Fantasyfond

Renewable investment grants Tomas Fagerbekk victory in the fourth week of Fantasyfond

Thomas Fagerbeck, who has an undergraduate degree in computer engineering and works as a developer at Askeladden, has put together a clean rolling portfolio at Fantasyfond with the aptly named “Energy Future”.

Last week, investing in sustainability generated a return of over 12 percent, the best for all participants.

– I invest in the same companies in Fantasy Fund as I do in reality. I go to companies where there are more good people who I think are contributing to something positive, says Vagerbeck.

He believes it is more rewarding to invest in companies that “make the world a better place”. Therefore, his Fantasy Fund portfolio consists only of companies focused on renewable energy.

The investments are distributed to solar companies Otovo and Scatec, as well as Kjell Inge Røkke’s renewable investments, Aker Offshore Wind, Aker Clean Hydrogen and Aker Carbon Capture.

Great faith in Otovo

Vagerbeck worked himself at Otovo from 2017 until spring 2020.

– I know there are very good people working there. In addition, I have great faith in the concept. Here, individuals are responsible for producing their own electricity, and you choose if you want it on the roof. There is no conflict of interest, as with wind turbines, for example, he says.

Since this summer, the solar cell company is up 85 percent in the stock market, driven by expansion into Europe and sales growth. On Thursday, the company presented the third-quarter figures that showed Both sales and revenue records. Fagerbeck believes the numbers support the company’s potential.

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Equities analyst Adrian Bergham at Arctic Securities was also pleased with Otovo’s quarterly numbers. He has a target price of NOK 45 per share for the company, more than double Friday’s price of around NOK 21.5. The target price is justified by sales growth, expansion in Germany and Brazil, as well as pricing by similar companies.

Strong growth of carbon capture in Røkke

Fagerbekk also has a good return on Kjell Inge Røkke’s Aker Carbon Capture. Since the company went public last year, the price has more than doubled and so far this year the stake is up more than 80 percent.

The company presented on Monday The third quarter figures showed a sales volume of 101 million Norwegian kroner, an increase of 32 million Norwegian kroner from the previous quarter. Operating profit before depreciation (EBITDA) ended at minus NOK 54 million, compared to minus NOK 49 million in the second quarter.

Aker Carbon Capture stated that it has entered into a number of agreements with new clients in the regions and industries in which the company invests.

More green stocks halved in 2021

For the remaining companies in the 32-year-old’s portfolio, 2021 has not been an equal year in value creation. Both Scatec Solar and Offshore Wind Energy Aker Offshore Wind has been cut by more than half on the stock exchange.

– I probably won’t listen to myself for good financial advice, so there’s probably a lot of luck I won last week. However, one would contribute to a positive shift toward more renewable energy or another good impact on society, although the return may not be the best, says Vagerbeck.

He says he only invested in companies he worked for through business contracts, as well as some small investments in the stock market. If he had invested large sums in the stock market, the money would have been invested in index funds.

The DN Stocks Fantasyfond has a short time horizon and suggests that you can try to take a risk in the stock market and learn along the way – without losing real money. In fact, private investors are advised to have a long horizon, get to know well the companies in which they invest and realize that equity investments are risky.

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