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New treatment: There will be a new day in court for 36 people subject to various penalties for misunderstanding NAV regulations.

36 people have to re-investigate their case in court, the reopening commission has decided.


During the Commission’s meetings on August 25 and 26, the Commission processed 36 applications for reopening of the NAV scandal. People are fined, social service, unconditional and unconditional imprisonment.

All judgments reopened, The commission said on Monday.

The convicts include 13 women and 23 men.

What is common to these cases is that the offenders lived in other EEA countries at the same time they received the work permit or sickness allowance from the NAV. The offenders were not allowed to stay abroad by applying to the NAV or the statement cards stated that they were staying abroad, the decision said.

Background: You need to know about NAV corruption

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Crushing report on NAV corruption: – The main responsibility lies with NAV and the Ministry

The only problem is that many EEA legal issues are not considered by the courts that have found them guilty, including the question of whether it is against EEA law to consider temporary residence in EEA countries (e.g. long vacations) means that the person is not entitled to monetary benefits.

Based on the Supreme Court judgment

Supreme Court Released this summer A man convicted of gross social security fraud was staying abroad while receiving work permit money.

Viji is Previously written about man, Suffered 75 days of unconditional imprisonment with handcuffs.

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The Commission now refers to this decision, in which the Supreme Court ruled on the relationship between the Norwegian National Insurance Act and EEA regulations. After receiving a statement from the EFTA court, the Supreme Court found that the requirement for residence in Norwegian law was contrary to EEA law.

NAV explained a new Social Security regulation since 2012 that they had misunderstood EEA regulations.A binding EU law) Introduced.

– Each case will be evaluated separately

Since March 2020, the reopening commission has considered several petitions from the Attorney General, known as the NAV campus.

Seas: These were wrongly punished

According to the NAV, 2,400 cases could be affected by misinterpretation, and at least 48 people have been jailed.

– Each case will be considered separately by the Commission. If the case is reopened, it will be sent to the court for reconsideration. The court will decide whether the accused should be acquitted or not It says from the commission.

Seas: And many more may have been accused of social security fraud

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