Report on “Unidentified aerial events”: US has no explanation for a good 140 UFO sightings – Politics

Report on “Unidentified aerial events”: US has no explanation for a good 140 UFO sightings – Politics

According to a highly anticipated report, the U.S. government has yet to provide any explanation for the approximately 140 celestial events of the past two decades. The U.S. Department of Defense released a nine-page authoritative version of the so-called “initial assessment” on Friday, saying there was no indication that there were secret technology or extraterrestrial spacecraft from China or Russia behind the “unidentified aerial events” observed by others by U.S. Navy pilots.

Only one of the 144 cases studied could be identified, i.e. an “air escape balloon”. Couldn’t explain everything else, at least not yet. All 18 incidents were observed due to “abnormal movements or flight characteristics”.

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The main problem with the investigation is the lack of data, the report said. At the same time it was determined that these events could pose a security risk to aviation and a national security risk to the United States. Therefore, a plan should now be devised on how to better explore and understand them.

The “Unidentified Aerial Event Working Group” report prepared by the Department of Defense in collaboration with the Secret Service was eagerly awaited. Among other things, he was outraged when former US President Barack Obama said on a television program that “there are pictures and recordings of objects in the sky, and we do not know what they are.” We cannot explain how they move and their flight path. They have no easy way to explain it. ”

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The task force was required by law to at least partially publicize. U.S. Senator Mark Werner, who heads the Senate Intelligence Committee, described the report on Twitter as “rather uncertain.” However, this marks only the beginning of efforts to understand and illuminate these events. (dpa)

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