January 28, 2023


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Reporter: - She denied the interview after a mistake

Reporter: – She denied the interview after a mistake

Australia’s Channel Seven had exclusive rights to interview Adele after she released her new album “30” on Friday.

Reporter Matt Doran and a camera crew traveled to London for the occasion, but they admitted towards the end of the conversation that he hadn’t heard of her new album.

Subsequently, Sony wrote canceled the agreement Watchman.

Forget email

The interview was part of Adele’s press package that cost the channel A$1 million Daily Telegraph.

The bundle also included exclusive rights to view recordings from the Oprah Winfrey Show “One Night Only.”

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Reporter Matt received the album spin by email in advance. He himself claims that he omitted the email.

rotation claimed to The Australian that he didn’t mean to ignore the email, and that it later became “the most important email I’ve ever overlooked”.

He says that Adele did not interrupt the interview, but, on the contrary, they spoke for a few minutes during the agreed time.

According to Doran, the interview, which Sony refuses to publish, was primarily about her music.

Storm of complaints

To the Australian, Matt Doran also denied the rumors that he was officially suspended from the TV channel after the error.

He told the Australian newspaper that the absence from this week’s morning program was due to his vacation. During the last broadcast, the host apologized to Adele.

During a tweet where the reporter imagines that the interview will be «Very specialUsers write that the behavior was ‘shameful’.

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“30” is Adele’s fourth album, and impressed References Dagbladet, Torgrim Øyre. He highlights “soul searching, self-examination and emotional quilting” as some of the album’s many positive aspects, and throws a five on the dice.

The rest of the world also approves of the 33-year-old’s latest release. pitchfork gear The album is 8.2/10, and is believed to be “incredibly touching”.