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Lokal innbygger Nadiya, 65, viser et hull i et hus etter beskytning i landsbyen Zalissya, nordøst for Kiev, 12. april 2022.

Following reports of aircraft alarms and strong explosions in Kyiv, local authorities in the city have declared that the danger signals are over for the time being.

BBC News writes: “Stay connected and find your way back to the shelters if the sirens go off again, authorities in Kyiv state on their Telegram account.”

There were also reports of power outages in parts of Kyiv, according to Reuters.

The night before Good Friday, there were reports that an aircraft alarm went off across Ukraine.

Aircraft alarms sound in all regions of Ukraine. This again means that Russia is launching its own combat aircraft and missiles. With targets in the east, Ukrainian parliament member Lesya Vasylenko wrote on Twitter.

A little later I wrote:

– Three explosions in Kyiv now. one after another. The sirens went on for an hour. Most likely, Putin became angry at the loss of the battleship Moscow. She said on Twitter that we can only continue to resist Russia’s irritation.

Photo: screenshot from Twitter

powerful explosions

Reuters quoted local media as saying that strong explosions were heard in both Kyiv and the southern port city of Kherson, but added that it was not able to verify the authenticity of the information.

Oleg Sinihopov, commander of the Ukrainian army in the Kharkiv region, said that there were bombings in Kharkiv and battles around Izyum.

He adds that at least 503 civilians were killed in Kharkiv, including 24 children. He says Many residential areas in Kharkiv were bombed.

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This was not confirmed by independent sources.

According to Syniehubov . samples Russian forces advance from Izyum to eastern Donbass

– Constant ongoing battles and our forces are repelling the enemy so that they cannot transfer their equipment to Donetsk and Luhansk.

A bomb squad member works in a minefield near Brovary, northeast of Kyiv, on April 14, 2022

A bomb squad member works in a minefield near Brovary, northeast of Kyiv, on April 14, 2022

Photo: Fadel Sina/AFP

It’s raining in Donbass

It has been raining for several days in the Donbass, and it is expected to continue for several days to come. Which could be to Ukraine’s advantage, according to a US military official, AFP reported.

“The fact that the ground is getting softer may make it difficult for Russian forces to do anything away from the paved highways,” the official, speaking on condition of anonymity, wrote.

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