May 20, 2022


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Requests Norway to expel Russian diplomats:

Requests Norway to expel Russian diplomats:

This week, about 200 Russian diplomats have been deported from European Union countries, including Denmark and Sweden. Now SmåRådina Norge is asking you to do the same.

Human rights activist Evgenia Khorolltseva is affiliated with the organization, which is of Russian origins living in Norway. She is upset that Norway has not yet expelled Russian diplomats.

– I think it is unfortunate, sad, unsympathetic and cowardly. I don’t understand what the government is waiting for in Norway, because they see how the Russian Foreign Service is lying to the whole world, especially with regard to War crimes in BatshaKhoroltseva tells Dagbladet and continues:

Norway must stand with other countries, and it cannot go its way just because it shares a border with Russia.

Fighting human rights: Evgeniya Khoroltseva of SmåRådina. Photo: Nina Hansen/Dagbladet
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Message to the government

SmåRådina is particularly reacting to the fact that the Russian Embassy in Norway shared Russian propaganda about the events in Potsja on its day. Facebook pages.

“This is unacceptable behavior by a foreign mission and is inappropriate for democracy in Norway. We don’t think there is room in Norway for such lies.”

The organization wrote in a letter to Foreign Minister Anken Heitfeldt (Labour) and Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store (Labour) on Monday.

“We therefore ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to expel Russian diplomats from Norway in response to the Botsja genocide and Russia’s denial of war crimes, as well as to stop the dangerous activities behind the embassy and to show solidarity with the Ukrainian people.”

Store said the government was now studying whether Norway should expel Russian diplomats and promised that a decision would be made quickly. Among other things, the Prime Minister argued that Norway should think carefully about the consequences of its actions because Norway and Russia are neighboring countries.

Foreign Minister Heitfeldt said Dagbladet That Norway conducts its own comprehensive and security assessments.

Shoots: This video posted on social media shows the moment a Russian tank was bombed in Mariupol from above.
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warned by PST

The Police Security Service (PST) alerted intelligence officers to the Russian Embassy in Oslo.

“The Russian services in particular give priority to recruiting people in Norway. They do this, among other things, with the help of intelligence officers who have a cover position at the Russian Embassy in Oslo. They carry out intelligence activities in Norway with diplomatic privileges and immunity,” PST wrote at the end of it. National Threat Assessment.

Moreover, PST believes that foreign intelligence operations in Norway could have serious consequences.

“Intelligence services of several countries operate on Norwegian soil. Among these Russian and Chinese operations will pose the greatest threat. They use a variety of methods to achieve their goals. This activity can have serious consequences for Norway. It can affect Norway’s freedom of action and impair our ability to deal With crises, it can also weaken the competitiveness of the business community and contribute to people’s insecurity in our country.

Recently, PST announced that they Assesses the intelligence threat from Russia higher now than it was before the invasion of Ukraine.

discussion: A heated debate took place in the European Parliament on Wednesday between members Claire Daly and Angel Dzambazki. Video: Reuters / Editing: Annabelle Brun
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Putin talks

On Thursday last week, Stoere spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin for one hour. In the conversation, Store condemned the Russian invasion, said that in the West a picture of Russia is being painted as responsible for the war and gave its estimates of casualties during the war.

Khoroltseva and SmåRådina say Putin knows what’s going on in Ukraine, and thinks Stoer should have taken the opportunity to call him a war criminal.

– I hope Store confronts Putin that the West considers him primarily responsible for the war crimes that took place in Ukraine as a result of his being the supreme commander of Russia’s defence.

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