Requires a Tiktok answer: – Almost unreal

Requires a Tiktok answer: - Almost unreal

– That’s almost unrealistic. It’s potentially very serious, and I don’t think it’s an over-inflation at all, Commission Chairman and former Justice Minister Per Willie Amundsen (Frp) tells Dagbladet.

When Justice Minister Emily Inger Mehl (Sp) didn’t want to answer Dagbladet’s question Whether she uses the minister’s mobile phone on her Tiktok profileboth the Conservative Party and the FRP took matters into their own hands.

while right – send a written reply to the Minister of Justice, The FRP raised the matter with Mehl in the European Parliament regarding the Throne Address debate last week.

But the Minister of Justice does not give a clearer answer to Parliament than Dagbladet. FRP is now asking Støre for a clear answer.

– concerned

Dagbladet has stated in several cases that Justice Minister Emily Inger Mehl He regularly posts updates on China-owned TikTok.

Social media is hotly debated, and security experts warn about it. The company that owns ByteDance is a Chinese company, and experts believe that the data collected could be passed directly to the intelligence services in Beijing.

Requires answers: FrP's Per-Willy Amundsen.  Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

Requires answers: FrP’s Per-Willy Amundsen. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB
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– I worry that people are underestimating this, Amundsen tells Dagbladet and explains why:

TikTok is more than just a social medium. It was created by the Chinese authorities to protect Chinese interests and obtain valuable information for the regime in Beijing. Both EU and US authorities have warned TikTok with this in mind. China is also increasingly threatening the West, and the country’s relationship with Russia is well known. This makes it more serious, he continues.

Mehl gave Dagbladet Affairs a public statement about how it relates to security, and that it follows the general guidelines and guidelines from the National Security Agency.

However, she never wanted to answer whether she was using Locker mobile or other mobile for TikTok.

She also did not want to answer this question to Amundsen from the podium either, and indicated, among other things, that foreign intelligence services were also monitoring discussions in Parliament.

The fact that she didn’t answer keeps the uncertainty alive, and I think it indicates that she may have used the service phone. The elusive answer seems to be an admission of guilt, Amundsen says.

Contact Støre

In a written question, FRP Støre is now asking for an answer on the guidelines, if any, that SMK has for ministers’ use of TikTok. They also ask how many government ministers have this application installed on their official phones.

Conservatives are also not comfortable with Mehl’s answer, so justice policy spokesperson Svenong Stensland is behind Amundsen’s claim that Stoer should answer that question.

The way Mehl responds makes it necessary to contact her boss, the prime minister, Stensland tells Dagbladet.

SMK’s director of communications, Anne-Christine Hujocks, previously told Dagbladet that SMK gives general advice on the safe and secure use of social media, but is not aware that the Prime Minister’s Office has advised against using specific apps or platforms.

– Hajoks added: – We do not have an overview of the guidelines for government parties on social media or what advice politicians give each other.

The fact that there was a ban on TikTok when Erna Solberg was head of government thus suggests that this was a political trade-off.

– If it is really true that the PM’s office does not have guidelines for ministers’ use of TikTok, then it is reprehensible and naive. In that case, the prime minister should immediately ensure that such guidelines are in place, says Amundsen about SMK’s response to Dagbladet.

Refers to the Sandberg case

Amundsen believed that if Mehl had used a private mobile phone, it was not easy.

As security expert Gaute Bjørklund Wangen pointed out to Dagbladet:

– You reduce the risk by owning two separate phones, but the problem is not over. Once you own this phone, the app runs the risk of tracking it. Then people know where it is and when it has been there. Wangen said he could reveal a lot.

Amundsen also points to the fact that in 2018, then-FRP Minister Per Sandberg had to resign as a result of him moving his cabinet cell phone to Iran.

– It was clear that this is dangerous. But to compare the issues, Sandberg was Minister of Fisheries and thus had a much less sensitive role in relation to Norway’s readiness than he had of the Minister of Justice. It was also never proven that anyone tried to access Sandberg’s mobile phone, and that I know We talked about this case, says Amundsen.

He explains that he is interacting with the Department of Justice and SMK on this case.

– Either there is a violation of the rules, or these rules must already exist. Something else seems completely incomprehensible in the situation we are in today. Norway has faced its most significant preparedness challenge for many decades, so we simply cannot accept that.

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