Rescued Hunter: – Heard a lot of footage

Rescued Hunter: - Heard a lot of footage

On Tuesday, Dagbladet mentioned an Italian hunter who was seriously injured He was shot while hunting birds In Sweden.

If the hunting guide is to be believed, it was five Norwegians who saved the 55-year-old’s life. An Italian hunting group has explained that a dog must have jumped on the trigger, which led to the shooting.

One of them was Thomas Lunde (30) from Trondheim. He and his friends were on the fifth and final day of the hunt on September 21, the day of the incident.

I heard a lot of scenes

That morning, Lunde was at camp to prepare lunch for the rest of the hunting party who had gone out to shoot birds. Eventually a helicopter landed nearby with three Italian fighters. As they started heading towards the Norwegian gang, Lunde picked up the walkie-talkie to alert his friends.

– After half an hour and three quarters of an hour, I heard a lot of scenes. I thought they had shot a bird, but suddenly one of them (Italians, came and said that his friend had been shot and he was lying there on the hill, Lunde tells Talkbladet.

Lunde declared that he wanted to help his friends. In addition, he got to his feet and ran up the hill to call the rescue service. With the help of her roommate in Norway, Lunde contacted the rescue service and shared her situation.

Ancient knowledge

The accident happened in the Arjeblak mountain range in the north of Sweden, across the border with Norway.

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– I feared the worst, Lunde says.

He stood and waited for the rescue helicopter. They were met at the scene by a critically injured man. He was conscious, but in pain.

Hunting team: A Norwegian hunting team consisting of Thomas, Jorgen, Espen, Tommy and Olav Alexander helped rescue the 55-year-old Italian. Photo: Thomas Lunde / Private
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In the meantime, Lunde’s friends provided first aid through the book. They bandaged the gunshot wound and laid the man on his side, wrapped in whatever Wolverine cloth they had found.

– Then it’s a matter of finding knowledge from the military, says 30-year-old Jorgen.

– We stopped the bleeding as much as possible and tried to keep the figure warm. Others were sent up the mountain to look for better signals, he adds.

– A clear conscience

Jorgen says it is good to see life in man. He is still in the hospital, but according to the conditions, he is doing well.

– Then we must have done something right, he says.

Lunde says the hunting team feels lucky to have been in the right place at the right time.

– We acted as emergency guardians, and if it wasn’t for us he might not be alive today.

The seasoned hunter looks back on a good trip, despite the dramatic ending.

– We were lucky with the weather and managed to shoot some grouse. Lots of good food and drinks. “I feel I can end the hunt with a very clear conscience after saving a life,” Lunde concludes.

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