Researchers after Trump's rule: – A huge stress test for the United States of America

Researchers after Trump's rule: – A huge stress test for the United States of America

FOUND GUILTY: Donald Trump appeared in court in New York on Thursday evening, Norwegian time. Photo: Mark Peterson/Pool

Political experts believe that the defeat of former President Donald Trump in the “money laundering case” puts the entire United States at stake.

– This is a major pressure test for the United States. I think the right-wing rage that this unleashes could backfire on the entire political system like it backfires.

This is what Hjalmar Melde, a professor at the Norwegian University of Applied Sciences (HVL), told VG.

Former President Donald Trump, 77, was found guilty late Thursday evening, Norwegian time, on all 34 counts in the “racketeering case.”

A jury in a New York court believes Trump forged documents related to the payment bribe Porn star Stormy Daniels.

Now Trump supporters are angry at the historic ruling:

– To be fair, the sentence is the real crime here. Milde says they consider this a case of “nonsense” and pure political persecution.

Hjalmar Gilde
Hjalmar Gilde

Professor at the University of Western Norway (HVL)

He is not surprised by the result.

The American expert believes that the prosecution had strong testimony, additional electronic evidence, and a much more coherent argument than Trump's lawyers.

-What do you think of Trump's strategy going forward?

– He will follow a two-pronged strategy: going into full attack mode while wrapping himself in the victim's blanket. This is what he always does.

Claims to be a 'political prisoner': Just minutes after the ruling, Donald Trump sent this letter – along with a request for financial support. Image: screenshot

“Great power” effect.

Milde has no confidence that Trump will end up in prison when he is sentenced in July. The researcher believes that a fine or suspended sentence is more likely.

– Prison will severely interfere with the election campaign.

And he doesn't ignore the fact that Trump will get more tailwinds:

Trump's superpower turns scandal and drama into an advantage. He has an unparalleled ability to sell his message, and he can garner protest votes for this, as well as from independent voters.

GLADE: Opponents and supporters alike lined up outside the courthouse in New York City. Here, a number of the first cheer for the unanimous conviction of Donald Trump on charges of forging documents. Photo: Thomas Nelson/VG

Division and riot hoax

Fellow researcher Jennifer Lee Bailey, a professor in NTNU's Department of Sociology and Political Science, was surprised by tonight's result.

– This is a unique moment in American politics, Bailey tells VG.

The fact that Trump was finally held accountable surprised me.

She believes that Trump will undoubtedly appeal and will do everything he can to extend the time before he has to serve his sentence.

The fact that none of the other issues will be settled before the elections is unfortunate. They are easier to understand and more important.

The researcher believes that the outcome of the bribery case is less than one might imagine.

Jennifer Lee Bailey
Jennifer Lee Bailey

Professor at NTNU

This does not divide the country because the United States is already divided. The fact that there were no immediate riots suggests that the right is bluffing. But the danger is not over yet.

Bailey believes Trump is now “hurt and angry,” which makes him dangerous because he also lacks boundaries.

– He is surrounded and supported by a very large number of fanatics. This is bad news for the United States.

Photograph: Andrew Kelly/Reuters/NTB

Recently, Parliament decided to amend the constitution to secure Norwegian democracy and prevent coup plotters and potential populists from appointing judges.

This is very different from the United States, which is now heading into uncharted waters with a presidential candidate who may have to go to prison as president if Trump wins the election.

The United States is extremely vulnerable to democratic collapse. Both are because countries with presidential rule often experience more intense conflicts and because the US Constitution is very difficult to update, says Hjalmar Melde.

He explains that the United States Constitution can only be changed through a complex process involving Congress and the states.

Amending the Constitution requires an unusually large majority. This type of agreement is unrealistic in the United States today.

Not satisfied: It didn't go down well for Trump supporters when the former president was the first US president ever to be convicted in a criminal case. Photo: Thomas Nelson/VG

– Very dangerous

The United States is not legally equipped to deal with the historic event — or with Donald Trump himself, believes NTNU professor Jennifer Lee Bailey.

Trump revealed that the regime relied on norms and restraint.

The researcher believes that the former president lacks a sense of shame and setting boundaries.

– The United States could have blocked this legislation, but since the country is divided, this was not possible, says Jennifer Lee Bailey.

– When you have someone like Trump – without shame and without limits – and when people see how weak the system is when you dare to push it… it is very dangerous.

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