Researchers believe fishing should be banned – but parties supporting this are in the minority – Greater Oslo

Researchers believe fishing should be banned – but parties supporting this are in the minority – Greater Oslo

– I think it is very sad that the government and the Conservative Party are once again postponing the necessary steps to save the Oslo Fjord.

This is what MDG's Rasmus Hansson says after it became clear that proposals to ban fishing in parts of the fjord will be voted on in the Storting.

Out of 13 points:

  • Create bottom drag-free zones in Oslofjord and Indre Skagerrak
  • Create a network of zero fishing areas, including recreational fishing
  • A completely silent coat

The Socialist Left Party, Left and Red support most of the MDG's programs.

But other parties, including the Labor Party, will not participate.

– Oslo Fjord is dying and we share the concern that something needs to be done urgently, begins Ap politician and case mayor Mani Hussaini.

Aps Mani Hussaini will await new reports on the Oslofjord, which will arrive in the autumn.

Photo: Amalie Henton

– If we are going to do something for the Oslofjord, it has to be knowledge-based, it has to be researched, it has to really make sure the fjord comes back to life, says the Andhra politician.

He says we will wait for the Norwegian Environment Agency's report in the autumn.

Scientists are confused

One of the researchers behind the call for anti-fishing measures says he was shocked by what he heard.

– Behind our appeal lies special knowledge, says Sissel Jendaft, professor of biological sciences at the University of Oslo.

There is certainly enough research to say that the Oslofjord is struggling, there is a crisis, and we need to act now.

sissel jentoft

Professor Sissel Jentoft believes that there is certainly enough knowledge to implement anti-fishing measures in the Oslo Fjord.

Photo: Dag Aasdalen / NRK

One of the best measures we can take now is a complete ban on fishing, he adds.

To save the Oslofjord from potential environmental degradation Over the years, researchers have called for more restrictions on fishing.

Worryingly, among other things, scientists fear the coastal cod will disappear.

– It's on fire, NMBU professor Thrond Haugen told NRK this spring.

Researchers from UiO and NMBU have proposed creating large protected areas where fish and plants are protected against both bottom trawling and fishing.

Additionally, they will ban bottom trawling in national parks and the Indre Oslofjord.

Thread eel "Infamous" Laying on fresh marine vegetation at Nakholmen in the Oslo Fjord.

Algal blooms suffocate vegetation in Oslo Fjord. It destroys the habitats of small fishes. One of the measures to help is to build a nitrogen treatment plant. But researchers believe the cage needs other help.

Photo: Niva

The right-wing party says it is positive

The Conservative Party welcomes many of the proposals, says Mathilde Tybring-Gjedde, who distances herself from the presentation of the MDGs as environmental sinks.

But the Directorate of Fisheries and the Directorate of Environment have a deadline to provide professional advice on a number of measures to be implemented, and we would like to see them before voting on certain proposals. He says.

He says the Conservative Party supports networks of new bottom trawl-free zones and zero-fishing areas.

Rasmus Hansen of the Green Party believes there is no point in waiting for new investigations.

– Understandable if you care about political bureaucracy.

He adds:

– but that doesn't make sense if you care about saving the Oslofjord and getting back a clean and fertile fjord for the enjoyment of everyone who lives here.

Oslo Fjord

Scientists have long warned that the condition of Oslo Fjord is very dangerous.

Photo: Bård Nafstad / n14859

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