Researchers confirm: Infecting people in quarantine hotels – and putting the patient in another room

Researchers confirm: Infecting people in quarantine hotels - and putting the patient in another room

In July, four travelers from the United Arab Emirates arrived at an airport in New Zealand and were quarantined upon entry. At the same time, another person arrived from the Philippines and was placed in quarantine in the room across the hall.

A traveler from the United Arab Emirates tested negative for coronavirus, while a traveler from the Philippines got a positive test result.

Same genetic fingerprint

Over the next four days, all but one of the people contracted the coronavirus, and researchers can now confirm through in-depth genetic testing of the virus that they were infected by the traveler who was in the room across the hall. Only one survived the infection, despite sharing rooms with three pros. This person was the only one who was fully vaccinated.

The study was published in the peer-reviewed academic journal emerging infectious diseases, published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Despite the hotel’s strict rules and good infection control procedures, infection managed to happen. Photo: Chen Zhonghao / AP / NTB

They did not leave their rooms

New Zealand’s quarantine hotel rules were very strict and no one was allowed to leave their rooms. The room doors were only opened when a medical examination was required or when food was placed near the door. According to the rules, the door of the gang from the United Arab Emirates was not opened at the same time as the door was opened to the injured person from the Philippines, but the surveillance cameras could confirm neglect, which indicates that the doors of the two rooms were opened for a few seconds four times during the period during which the patient was not It is still contagious.

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Over the following days, most of the gang members in the pass were confirmed infected, and researchers can now determine that the virus they contracted had the same genetic fingerprint as the virus carried by Filipinos.

– of global importance

The researchers believe the only explanation is that an airborne infection through the passage made them sick.

Researcher Andrew Fox Lewis, Manukau County Board of Health for Emerging Infectious Diseases, wrote that these findings are of global significance and critical in the further fight against the coronavirus.

Surveillance cameras could confirm that the patient never left his room during the illness, and it was investigated whether the rooms were tightly connected to each other via the ventilation system, and were not.

In addition to the sudden discovery of the infection, the researchers were able to confirm that one of the four total sharing a room across the hall was never infected. It was the summer of 2021, and he wrote that the person in question, who had received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, was the only one who was able to be fully vaccinated. CNN.

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