May 19, 2022


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Researchers lost 77 TB and can't get it back

Researchers lost 77 TB and can’t get it back

Kyoto University, Japan, lost nearly 80 terabytes of research material.

About 34 million files are gone forever

There was an error in the HP supercomputer that caused the backup to fail, which happened in one of the most famous universities in Japan and got the second most money from the state for research.

Four groups were left with no chances to recover their work due to a file system error. According to the university, “An error occurred which led to the accidental deletion of some data.”

The university explains, in poor translation, that “the backup history was previously not necessary due to a careless change to the software and the way the application works when trying to repair a Nippon Hewlett-Packard GK”.

This is the statute of the university:

This is how they should improve the backup system

Management has naturally scrapped the existing solution while working to improve and solidify the 2022 version:

“Since it has become impossible to restore files in the area where the backup was made due to the files disappearing, in the future it will not only be an identical backup, but also the one-generation incremental backup.

University of Tokyo

It appears that a script ran when it was overridden by an update which in turn caused the data to be removed, possibly due to the files being updated at the same time.

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