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Svein Åge Antonsen sitter på en campingstol i sin nye omsorgsbolig.

– It’s scary. About 40 people were thrown out, Swine Age Antonsen says.

On Wednesday morning, the 69-year-old, who was diagnosed with cancer, had to leave the Tuneheimen Hotel in Surfborg. He has lived there for about three years.

NRK meets Antonsen as he is about to move into his new municipal housing. Currently, the apartment is simply equipped, bed and refrigerator.

– Eventually I can get a sofa, he says.

Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad Wrote first about the case.

Kjell Herje, general manager of Room2rent, wrote in an email to the NRK that there were less than ten people who did not plan to leave when the dismissals were sent on March 10.

Svein Åge Antonsen was not satisfied with the way Room2rent treated the tenants.

Photo: Rune Frederickson

Got two weeks off

Residents of Tuneheimen Hotel had two weeks to leave. The reason is that a rental company called Room 2 Rent has disabled its regular operations.

Now the company will provide housing for Ukrainian refugees.

– We get more income by renting to UDI, but at the same time we get more expenses. We had to work with more than 20 people to meet the UDI’s requirements for emergency shelter operation, Herze explained in Room2rent.

The company previously offered accommodation in Halton and Rise. Here, too, regular work was suspended on Wednesday.

Arrangements for refugee accommodation at Tuneheimen Hotel in Sarpsborg.

Room2rent has suspended normal operations at the Tuneheimen Hotel in Sarpsborg. Now they are preparing to receive Ukrainian refugees.

Photo: Rune Friedrichson / NRK

Room2rent makes the premises available, while Hero Norge AS is responsible for the operation of the emergency rooms.

Ole Whelan, regional director of Hero, believes this is a confrontation between former residents and Room2rent. So I do not want to comment on this matter.

According to the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UTI), Hero has entered into emergency contracts for the resettlement of refugees at 32 different reception centers across the country.

Does not encourage layoffs

In a notice sent to all tenants, the rental company writes:

“All cast members are encouraged to report their ability to UDI.

UDI informs NRK that it does not encourage anyone to terminate existing leases in order to provide a place for refugees to live.

Dismissal Antonsen and other residents received from Room2rent on March 10:

Room2rent Svinesundparken, Ryggeveien and Tuneveien are the emergency room for Ukrainian refugees Background The war in Ukraine led to the evacuation of about 2.2 million Ukrainians in two weeks and Norway urgently needed 8000 shelters - and many more to come.  All cast members who provide accommodation are encouraged to report the ability to UDI.  Room2rent is one of the actors who helps to get the refugees to come quickly in a difficult and confusing situation.  All normal operations are terminated and all leases are terminated.  What does it mean to be a tenant in Room2rent?  Room2rent terminates all leases from today and refers to rental conditions with 14 days notice.  Must be relocated after March 24, 2022.  Migrants are encouraged to report in advance, after which the remaining rent will be refunded.  Room 2 Rent will try to provide alternative accommodation if desired.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but ask that you understand that the situation is unusual.

Residents of Room2rent’s rental units had 14 days to find a new place to stay.

Photo: Screenshot

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