Resisting questions about age

Resisting questions about age

Gavin Newsom is considered by many to be the next big star in American politics. When VG asked him about Joe Biden's mental capacity, he pulled all the plugs.

Damn it: Gavin Newsom thinks Donald Trump is the one displaying mental failure, not Joe Biden. Photo: Thomas Nelson/VG

Many in the Democratic Party hoped that California Governor Joe Biden would challenge him and run in the presidential elections.

Things did not go that way.

Instead, Newsom, 56, has become the most important to Joe Biden, 81.political alternative» – A special position as an official spokesperson for one of the candidates in the US presidential elections.

That's why Newsom is in Atlanta, Georgia, to cheer on Biden during tonight's historic presidential debate.

There was a refusal to be able to replace Biden at the last minute.

“It’s just nonsense, rumors being spread by Republicans to undermine Biden,” Newsom tells the press, in the so-called “spin room,” where the press can interview politicians.

Photo: Thomas Nelson/VG

Before the debate, there was a lot of focus on Biden's mental capacity.

Rival candidate Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that Biden does not have the physical and mental strength to lead the country.

Polls show that this is a topic of concern among American voters as well.

But Trump took it a step further, claiming that Biden might be using drugs, and that this was how he was able to deliver the goods during the important “State of the Union” television address in March.

Trump even went so far as to ask Biden to take a drug test because he would be taking “a cocktail of drugs to keep him from sleeping.”

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Gavin Newsom reacts angrily when VG asks him what he thinks of Trump's actions.

Watch the reaction video:

– How do you respond to Donald Trump's request for President Biden to take a drug test?

– He is confused, at a loss. This is how someone who is mentally ill speaks. a point.

– But are you concerned about Biden's age and mental ability?

– I'm concerned about Trump's mental capacity. He's unstable. I'm concerned about his ability to control himself. I'm concerned about his ability to lead the country.

– But I asked you about Biden's ability to lead, are you worried about that and his age?

“With all the issues he’s been through in Congress, and that we’re seeing the biggest economic growth in my lifetime and the lowest unemployment rate since the 1960s, when he had a vision for the future and demonstrated a masterpiece of coalition politics,” Newsom replied, “I can say that I’m not completely and unequivocally concerned.”

Photo: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters/NTB

Byron Donalds, a Republican congressman who has been speaking to the press on behalf of Donald Trump, believes Biden should be able to handle such questions.

– It wasn’t disrespectful for Trump to ask that. You have to be thick-skinned to be a politician. That’s how much Biden has to put up with. He spent eight days preparing for this debate, and you hardly see him otherwise.

– Are you concerned about Biden's age and mental health?

– It is not just me or Donald Trump that is concerned, but the entire United States is concerned about it. Just look at the ballot boxes. Biden is applying for a job for the next four years.

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Photo: Thomas Nelson/VG

Fox News host Sean Hannity, a Donald Trump supporter, believes Biden should have taken a drug test.

-If he has nothing to hide, why doesn't he take the test? We've only seen Joe hyper and high and high and caffeinated or high or whatever, and that was during the State of the Union address. It will be interesting to see how he is tonight, Hannity tells VG.

Photo: Thomas Nelson/VG

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