– Resource Solution for Violent Dimensions – VG

- Resource Solution for Violent Dimensions - VG
Not for the rich: Mayor John O’Dwyer says the city council stands on its floor after Wednesday’s meeting of the Schizland (Labor Party).

The government received its cap during a city council meeting in Christiansand. The city council did not support a referendum or a citizen survey on the municipal division.


The visit of Prime Minister Jonas Kahr Store (Labor) and Local Government Minister Chikporn Jelswick (SP) made no small note of the fact that the mood in the southern village had calmed down during Wednesday’s city council meeting.

– I enjoy it as drama. Kenneth Mark, group leader at the Christian Sand Labor Party, tells VG after the meeting that they have a big job to explain to us local shopkeepers and make sure this does not happen again.

In December last year, the city council decided almost unanimously to halt the entire process of dissolving the annexed large municipality.

– We have already said no, that should be enough. Personally, I think what we are going to do now is very insane, Mørk said during the meeting.


Mørk says he was involved in drafting a proposal to hold a separate referendum on Søgne and Sogndalen, but that proposal was withdrawn due to a lack of a majority.

This also applies to the central party’s proposal to hold a referendum as soon as possible.

On Monday, Prime Minister Jonas Kar Store (Labor Party) was present City to meet party colleagues. Mork says he was pleased with the self-criticism brought in by the then party leader.

– But it hurts, that’s all. He says it has been a painful and sad process for many years.

Mayor John O’Dwyer tells the Scissland (Labor Party) VG that the city council stands at its base and still has the majority to retain the larger municipality.

– There are a majority of people who think we’re over there, and it’s hard to deal with. We’re still there, says Skisland.

Dishwashing: Mayor Jonas Kar Store (Labor) met with Labor leaders in Christiansand on Monday.

– Sorry

Thus, before taking a stand again on this issue, one has to wait until the state administrator inspects a section of the larger municipality. It will not be completed until 2023.

– This will affect Kristiansand policy for the next six months, what do you think about it?

– We think this is very unfortunate, but the fight continues, and we believe it is a resource solution of violent dimensions, says Scisland.

– Jonas Garr visited the store on Monday, what did you think after he left?

– He was clear that the process surrounding this decision was not optimal, so it is important for us to say that we disagree.

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– Now we are waiting for legal explanations as to whether what the government did first is legal, and then we need to see what comes next, says Scisland.

Flammable: Local Government Minister Sigbjørn Gjelsvik (Sp) drew a large crowd when he came to meet the mayor at Christiansand on Monday.

To be investigated

Earlier in June, the government announced that it would split from Christianchand in the 2023 municipal elections and hold a referendum in the old Chokne and Chokandalan municipalities.

Received by the State Administrator at Akhtar Work from the government To investigate a section of Christianchand.

During the town hall meeting, state administrator Gina Lund presented the works in Akhtar.

He promised a full and comprehensive job, and said there would be “significant” space for areas such as health, school, kindergarten and welfare services.

– We will take this seriously and prioritize this as the most important issue in the future, Lund said during the meeting.

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