Responds: – Changes required

Responds: - Changes required

This came from a gaming site Kotakuwho wrote that Ikea must have interacted with the game creator who is copying their stores.

According to the gaming site, the similarity should be astounding.

The game’s website further writes that the logo, furniture, and staff clothing are reminiscent of what you see in Ikea stores.

The furniture giant’s lawyers are said to have stated that “the game paints a picture of the action taking place in the Ikea store,” while the horror game maker says he never intended to copy Ikea.

I should really spend the next time getting the game ready for testing, but instead I should desperately try to change as much as possible so as not to risk a lawsuit, says Jacob Shaw according to Kotaku.

Interface: Here you can see the store’s logo from the game’s trailer. Photo: screenshot / Steam
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To Kotaku, Ikea makes the following statement:

Although we think it is fun for others to take inspiration from the Ikea brand, we must be careful to ensure that the Ikea brand is not used incorrectly. The various elements of the video game are currently identical in appearance to the features of the Ikea brand.

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Ikea adds that they called Shaw.

– We asked them to make changes to these items. The game developer has indicated that they understand our request and have agreed to make these changes.

The game itself is about survival in the furniture store “Styr”. A release date for the game has not been announced.

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