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Ødegaard og Hegerberg

In his years outside the national team, the conflict between Hegerberg and the Norwegian Football Federation (NFF) escalated steadily, especially after an interview with Josemar in 2019. There he said. Hegerberg among others that “we haven’t improved since 1999, we’ve been sleeping by the hour” and that “the NFL didn’t take the women’s national team seriously.”

She had to answer that day.

– I’ve visited Liz several times. I don’t go into a lot of detail about what those conversations were about, but of course I turned point by point on the comments I made in 2017, which were important to me, Hegerberg says.

Watch the entire press conference with Ada Hegerberg and Martin Sjögren here.

Ødegaard .’s criticisms answered

It’s only been three years since Martin Ødegaard made headlines when he took to Instagram and asked Hegerberg to respect the Norwegian national team. The reason is that an interview with Hegerberg with criticism of the NFF was published in Josimar magazine ahead of the World Cup in France.

“To choose now to have such an interview is completely incomprehensible. The timing is terrible. The choice not to play for Norway is your choice, but respect Norway and our national team. It holds now,” Ødegaard wrote.

Now Hegerberg is back in the national team ranks, and at the Monday evening press conference, she admitted that Odegaard’s tough proposal had gone to her.

– Obviously, I responded to something. The interview took place six months ago and it was a very important interview about Norwegian women’s football. And Liz Clavins also took a portion of it, if you hadn’t brought it with you. Without even going too deep, he chose to take to social media. I think men don’t face the same challenges as women, but at the same time this was three years ago. We are both national team players and one thing we want is to go in the right direction. If Odegaard wants to talk about gender equality, says Hegerberg in Dagbladet’s question, my door is open.

Via NFF press call, Morten Skjønsberg, Martin Ødegaard stated last week that he does not devote more focus to the issue. I put that behind me a long time ago. It’s great that Ada is back and the case is resolved. It will be an important piece for Norway in this summer’s European Championships,” this is the statement from Ødegaard to VG.

She says she has not yet spoken to Odegaard personally after the plot.

– No, we don’t have it, but we will obviously have the opportunity to do it in the future, says Hegerberg.

A decision did not come overnight

Hegerberg had just finished his training session on Monday, but the joy of the reunion and the smiles were great when the Lyon star rolled onto the Olival mat at the end of the session.

At the press conference, she talked about what was crucial for her now to be back in the national team squad.

– It is clear that no decision was made overnight. There was an incredible amount of discussion and talk. I got injured in 2020, which gave a slightly different view of things and the opportunity to think differently, Hegerberg opens up before explaining how important head football Liz Clavins is:

– I communicated with Liz all the way. It’s been normal since we played together. Liz also enjoys her experiences with the national team and having an open discussion with her helped me break free. She explained that she understood the many challenges that Norwegian women’s football faced and the NFF’s commitment to women.

Breaking and the war of words

Hegerberg decided to Si Ni To continue the national team matches after the failure of the European Championship in the summer of 2017. The decision was the beginning of a war of words that lasted for a year, with both the national team coach and many players acknowledging that the current European Championship was marked by inner turmoil.

Netherlands-Norway during the European Women's Football Championship.  (0-1)

Cool: Hegerberg and Sjögren together during the European Championships in 2017 before the former said no to more national team matches.

Photo: Berit Roald / NTB

At the same time, she expressed some features of the national team the support to the Lyon striker’s criticism of the NFL, but the fronts were so steep at one point that the pool of players Expect Hegerberg to apologize before a possible return to the national team.

She has national team manager Martin Sjogren Refusal Because that was a topic before the highly anticipated return of the national team.

A year after Hegerberg declined for the national team, Liz Clavins took on the role of NFF’s elite manager, and was clear in her desire to do so. Ice front shattering Between the Society and Hegerberg.

However, the conflict escalated after Hegerberg gave an interview regarding football magazine Josimar’s special issue on women’s football.

– It was difficult in a lot of gatherings. I was mentally wrecked. It was a very frustrating feeling. In the interview, she said, among other things, I had nightmares after being with the national team.

Nightmares of success and injury

In parallel with the separation from his union, Hegerberg continued to destroy the club team.

The return of the football team Norway Hegerberg

The comeback: Hegerberg has won everything to win with the club side and has battled an injury nightmare since she last played with the Norwegian flag on her chest.

Photo: Balazs Czagany / AP

In 2018, it became Highest score of all time In the Champions League season, at the same time she shared her third consecutive title in the generous club championship. The reward was a new super contract, and the 22-year-old became the star The best wages in the world Football player.

She concluded the year by becoming the first woman ever to win the prestigious title The golden ball.

The past few seasons have seen injuries, but she made a comeback in October of last year with Lyon. Now she will hunt down more of her online acquaintances of the Norway national team as she scored 38 goals in 66 matches.

Norway meets Kosovo at Release Arena in Sandefjord on April 7 and Poland at Ullevaal on April 12.

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