January 30, 2023


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Restart Eggen Training School - Get Rosenborg profiles as teachers

Restart Eggen Training School – Get Rosenborg profiles as teachers

Heritage: Grandson Christian Eggen Reismarck and daughter Christine Eggen, with “same father” Nils Arne Eggen in the middle.

Coaching legend Nils Arne Eggen doesn’t think his legacy has been cherished. Now grandson Christian Eugen Reismark (31) is doing something about it.


– I will at least do what I can, even if I am far from training, says Christian Eggen Rismark to VG.

Now Eggen Rismark, with Orkdal, Rosenborg, Ola By Rise, Svein Maalen and Christer Basma, are recreating the “Eggen Training School”, last seen when Nils Arne Eggen himself was in operation in 2016.

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– The grandfather then toured and led sessions with other coaches, says Christian Eugen Reismark – who has coaching aspirations.

There is one year left on his contract as a player at Ranheim, but he is busy thinking as a coach. There is no doubt that the lessons that Eugen Reismarck learned in the last years of his grandfather Nils Arne Eggen’s life were a source of great inspiration.

It’s been almost seven years since Rosenborg’s former coach, by far Norway’s most successful, went to instruct other coaches, trying to pass on some of what he knew – before he himself became so ill that he could no longer walk.

On January 19, a year has passed since the death of Nils Arne Eigen. In the first weekend of February, ‘Eggens trenerskole’ will be re-released, at a hall in Kyrksæterøra.

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– The aim is to raise the efficiency of training and refine the knowledge that the grandfather had about how to drive and play football, says Christian Eugen Reismark. He says that Nils Arne Eggen was concerned about his legacy, as well as in terms of football, and that it was important that his principles not enter the famous forgotten book.

– We have a ‘team of mentors’ at the weekend, football people who all learned from Grandpa, says Egen Reismark – and they list names like Ola By Rise and Christer Basma.

Both will attend and talk about Nils Arne Eggen’s life’s work.

Today’s Rosenborg coaches, Kjetil Rekdal and Geir Frigård, will also be present in Kyrksæterøra over the first weekend in February.

– The training school hasn’t been dealt with since 2016, so it’s time. This is mainly suitable for local trainers, and it will be professional and cultural. Christian Eggen-Rismark believes that Eggen’s legacy is quite a lot – who himself has been out with his grandfather in Fenrim as often as he can in recent years to soak up as much knowledge as possible.

– Grandfather Nils Arne and Uncle Knut Torbjorn were both pioneers of the Eigen Training School, which started in 2003, and were present. Now I’m going to try to start this again, with the good guys, says Christian Eugen Reismark.