Return to Instagram after a famous fight between celebrities

Return to Instagram after a famous fight between celebrities

“Saturday Night Live” comedian Pete Davidson (28) is officially back on Instagram after more than three years without him.

As is well known, Davidson is with Kim Kardashian (41), who did not get on well with ex-husband Kanye West (44). Recently, the latter They went out against Davidson Several times on the application. He later apologized to his ex-wife for this.

Why Davidson returned to Instagram at the moment is unknown. This is the fourth time he’s back on Instagram, according to Entertainment tonight. In December 2018, he deleted the user after sharing a message that alarmed fans.

Popularity: The comedian already has over half a million followers. Currently, only Kim Kardashian and actor Sebastian Stan follow. Photo: Instagram

Troubled relationship with social media

The comedian has been open about his mental health and that he was diagnosed Borderline personality disorder. He told several media outlets that it was a relief to get the diagnosis, after several years of anxiety and depression.

However, Davidson has been clear about what he thinks about social media, and has previously stated:

– There is nothing wrong or vague. I just don’t want to be on Instagram or any social media anymore. The internet is a bad place that doesn’t make me feel good. Why should I spend time on negative energy when my real life is excellent.

followed by Kanye

Since Thursday night, the comedian has gained more than half a million followers on the app. He himself is currently only followed by his girlfriend Kim Kardashian and actor Sebastian Stan, who is currently working on the series “Pam and Tommy”.

Kanye West is one of his new followers. Prior to the drama recently, Davidson praised West for being open about his mental health. In 2018, the comedian mentioned that there is a need for people like Kanye.

I cannot explain how difficult and frightening it is to be honest about such things. No one should point a finger at you for daring to talk about mental health, says America And the.

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