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On Monday, NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg said Postposton He has now learned that free trade will not automatically lead to greater democracy and independence, something China has so far shown. Moreover, he knows that by acting with dictatorial regimes we are making ourselves more vulnerable and that the naive attitude towards free trade is really threatening our freedom.

Stoltenberg has nothing to add to Dagbladet. Contrary to what Stoltenberg was prime minister when Norway began free trade talks with China, these statements are still going on.

Jens Stoltenberg has since withdrawn from starting free trade talks with China in 2008. If so, one may ask whether this is something that only a former Norwegian Prime Minister can say or what the current Norwegian government thinks it can say. About

This is exactly what Carl Johansson, the Green Party’s foreign policy spokesman, told Douglas. Nordic Council Last fall.

Foreign Policy Spokesperson: Carl Johansson MDG Photo: MDG
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Have less trade

Johansson believes that dictatorship will succeed and democracy will be defeated when such regimes are structured politically and economically, which he finds immoral and contrary to Norway’s own interests.

Johansson believes that dictatorial regimes should act less, not more. Moreover, he emphasizes both Normalization agreement And the planned free trade agreement should be rescinded.

– NATO leader Norway is not going to say that he is one of those who need to be heard, especially since Stoltenberg’s statements are as clear as they are now. I would encourage Jens to chat with Jonas. Johansson says it would be sensational if the government did not respond to Stoltenberg’s statements in this case.

Party Leader: Kuri Melby in the Liberal Party.  Photo: Bjørn Langsem / Dagbladet

Party Leader: Kuri Melby in the Liberal Party. Photo: Bjørn Langsem / Dagbladet

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– Hit the nail on the head

Left-wing leader Guri Melby praised Stoltenberg.

– Stoltenberg hit the nail on the head. The Ukraine war shows how dangerous it is when countries are economically very dependent on an authoritarian dictatorship. This should have repercussions for our relationship with China, he tells Dockbladet and continues:

– I hope Stoltenberg’s party colleagues will listen to him. Until now, Foreign Minister Huitfeldt has not listened to critical voices commenting on the government’s role in the FTA.

Ukraine: Friday, June 3, February 24 marks 100 days since Russia invaded Ukraine – 100 days marked by fear, death, pain and hope. Video: Reuters / AB / Verkhovna Rada / Telegram of Ukraine
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Melby believes that one must boldly say that freedom is more important than free trade.

– The less we depend on China, the easier it will be for China to see clearly when Norway repeats human rights abuses and introduces laws restricting the freedom of its citizens, Melby says.

Secretary of State: Henrik Dune (Labor Party) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

Secretary of State: Henrik Dune (Labor Party) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB
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The government has moved

In April, Secretary of State Henrik Dune (Labor) told Dagbladet: “Russia’s invasion does not mean we have severed ties with China.” In addition, he said it would not help Ukraine to conclude negotiations on a free trade agreement with China, but that it would be “negative for Norway”.

Now the government has moved its approach to Norway’s free trade negotiations with China:

“Norway trades with many countries and has free trade agreements with countries that differ from the values ​​we stand for in Norway. Work on a trade agreement with China began in 2008,” Tune writes and continues in a written statement:

“We are keen to evaluate the agreement broadly and use the time necessary to defend our interests in relations with China. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will certainly affect the progress of the work and the general assessments we make.

Share Video: The Ukrainian battalion released the video, which shows a Russian helicopter being shot down by an anti-aircraft missile fired from its shoulder. Reporter: Waggard Krueger
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You can stop investing

Thune explains that the purpose of a free trade agreement is primarily to create better conditions for Norwegian trade in China. He writes that Norway is an open economy and that Chinese companies already have good access to the Norwegian market.

“The Security Act allows us to stop foreign investment and companies that threaten Norway’s security interests. A free trade agreement will not weaken this opportunity,” Tune writes and continues:

“As part of the negotiations on the Free Trade Agreement, we are working to increase cooperation on employee rights, which will provide an opportunity to talk about compulsory labor among other things.

Thune writes that Norway’s supply sources are smallly dependent on input materials from China.

“The vulnerabilities related to supply chain dependence from China are a challenge that we must tackle completely free from free trade agreement negotiations. Norwegian trade and industry must make their own assessment of the risks by investing with China. However, we will have to overcome the challenges facing emerging China,” he concluded. .

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