Reveals Sales Figures – ITavisen

Reveals Sales Figures - ITavisen

Nothing works well, at least in India.

100,000 mobile phones were sold in just 20 days

For a very new brand, at least in the mobile segment, it’s doing well: figures reveal that the mobile (1) launched on July 21, now has more than 100,000 customers in India.

The number has been updated as of the end of August.

In just over 20 days, they reached that number. This is according to Manu Sharma, who is the “Vice President and General Manager” of the manufacturer in the country.

The platform used for sale in India is called Flipkart, and according to the numbers it has been revealed 10 million dollars Alert when the phone is put up for sale.

Update is on the way, but there is uncertainty around Android 13

The company also revealed that it will be releasing a fourth update to the software in the form of Nothing OS 1.1.4.

What the improvements are, or the launch date, is unknown, but Sharma says it is addressing customer complaints such as the camera and battery. It is currently unknown when the mobile will be updated to Android 13.

There will also be new mobile phones in the company’s ecosystem, but the manufacturer does not want to reveal anything else at this time.

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