Revenue doubled last year – E24

Revenue doubled last year – E24

Real estate, festivals and an analysis of its online store are among the reasons behind the company's revenue jump, according to managing director Caroline Solberg Keunixen.

Ingrid Vik Lesny, Marie Nordin, Ingrid Bergton and Jenny Skavlan are the people behind Fæbrik.
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Fæbrik, which offers training courses, sewing patterns and textiles, among other things, made NOK 12.7 million last year.

This is more than double the income in 2022, which came to just over 5 million, according to a recent annual report from Brønnøysund Records.

Meanwhile, the pre-tax result became positive. In 2023, it ended at NOK 1.7 million, compared to NOK 120,000 in the previous year.

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Kathy, 41, stopped working with her on vacation.

Upward curve

The company was founded by Ingrid Bergton, Ingrid Vik Lessen, Jenny Skavlan, and Marie Nordin in 2020.

According to its website, the goal is to inspire more environmentally friendly clothing consumption, by, among other things, giving consumers the opportunity to make their own clothes and extend the life of existing ones.

Revenue has grown steadily since the first year, but last year stood out in a particularly positive way:

Each of the four founders owns 20 percent of the company's shares.

The remaining 20 percent is split between managing director Caroline Solberg Königsen, who owns 5 percent of the shares through her holding company, and agent and booking agency Pullman Management, which owns 15 percent.

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Online store analysis

“To be able to be an economically sustainable company, we think it's very cool,” Kjønniksen tells E24.

She believes there is no point in focusing on sustainability without making money.

– We have to show that it pays to invest in sustainability.

When asked why the revenue jumped so much, Kjønniksen highlighted product sales, as well as analysis of the company's online following and its own online store.

Caroline Solberg Königsen is the Managing Director at Fæbrik.

The first led to the Fredrikstad Sewing Festival and the “Dødsbo til Dødsfet” movement, where the company provided wardrobes of dead people to customers.

– By analysing Fæbrik's existing online store and making small changes such as adding tipping, making the customer experience more intuitive with better product photos and physically presenting the needle and thread, we achieved a huge increase in sales volume, says the managing director.

This has allowed the company to hire more people, according to Königsen. The opening of a permanent store in Björvika in Oslo is now on hold.

– You say Fæbrik's future looks bright.

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