Review: Ghost – «Impera» – lively and entertaining

Review: Ghost - «Impera» - lively and entertaining




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«Complete entertainment from cover to cover»

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album: The ghost’s fourth album, “Prequelle,” was loosely based on the Middle Ages and the plague. The last concert on the tour took place on March 8, 2020. A few days before the world closed due to the global outbreak of COVID-19. The Embera has moved into the modern era. This is about power structures, greed and imperialism. Similar to what is happening around us these days is the feeling of chills on our back.

hits the spirit of the times

To say that Ghost managed to objectively strike the zeitgeist in a frightening way is no exaggeration. It’s also no exaggeration to say that they managed to do something that very few contemporary rock bands have been able to do, which is to bring magic and theatricality back to music with great success. Not least considering that today it is almost required that artists reveal themselves and be private in their encounter with the world to get their attention.

Although the identity of Papa Emeritus – the fourth this time – has been blown away for a long time, there is a little bit of a buzz around the average person and mastermind Tobias Forge. The focus remains on the Pope and the “unknown ogres”. And for Kuhn they created it around this band that became a cult phenomenon on MySpace just over ten years ago.

From a mysterious rock to a brog

Musically, Ghost has gone from cryptic and death-inspired hard rock to prog-pop and AOR. To put it this way, ‘Impera’ looks like it could have been recorded in 1985 – 1987. It looks shiny and cool – but vibrant and lively shout method.

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Caesarion He treats the job as an album opener with bravura. The organ roars, the rhythm and energy level skyrocket and the chorus and dramaturgy are seated right away. Sounds a bit like Rush’s encounter with Alice Cooper. next one “Waterways” It combines elements of Bon Jovi’s “Runaway” with the unmistakable color language of his countrymen ABBA. I think we put our money to this being the song that takes the top spot on the track to become a hit.

Stylish and attractive

This is how it goes hand in hand between hard rock and irresistible pop chorus. Call me Little SunshineAnd the “watcher in the sky” And the Griftwood – The latter is said to be about former US Vice President Mike Pence – is a Ghost classic: slightly progressive in presentation, flowery and catchy – all at once.

Plata’s most extreme effects, twenties, takes seriously Tobias Forge’s ambition to write music suitable for Broadway. Here, the musical drama is combined with the heavy angry hand. After the shock subsides, it’s fun in its own way, but quickly becomes difficult to swallow for some.

great entertainment

The two big stars of the Impera are the two quasi-stories, Darkness in the heart of my love And the “Comfort in Spitalfields”. No one can write epic poems with the same kindness and precision as Ghost.

Ghost anno 2022 is more light electric orchestra than Mercyful Fate and Blue Öyster Cult. Some will wrinkle their noses when developing, while others will cuddle it for what it’s worth.

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The great strength of Ghost is that they take album formatting very seriously. All songs make each other stronger, melodic and thematic, there is a beginning and an end.

Impera is performed entertainingly from cover to cover.

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