Review: Madrugada at Oslo Spektrum

Review: Madrugada at Oslo Spektrum

Oslo 20221202 Madrugada lives in Oslo Spekrum. First concert in Norway before Christmas. Photo: Frank Carlsen/Dagbladet
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The beauty of the latter is that the seven songs – with the last two before the break – save the four on the dice. “strange blue” And the “majesty” He finishes the normal set after an hour and a half. These are the songs that many have been waiting for, and now they are also getting sharper. In the end, Sv alone with acoustic guitar. Then it kind of ended. This means that Madrugada found it very good to run seven times. that it against normalas Lev Gester said.

It’s like they talked for two minutes and waited behind the scenes, and then decided to step in properly. Because they do. The party takes on new life, and that’s liberating. But of course it is planned – even if it seems spontaneous.

Annie Brown!

There is a certain tension attached to whether Anne Bronn was going to show up, and she did. Annie and her voice help lift the concert to great heights on stage. But the whole band is following along really well. With 20 years “Adult commitment is bloodshot.” Madrugada has suddenly become a full-blooded rock band after an almost “endless” series of stories. Of course this also applies “The Kids on the High Street”but there is always a winner – late, but very well done.

At STORSTUA: Madrugada in the Oslo Spektrum, the first two concerts this weekend before the tour continues in Stavanger and Bergen.  Photo: Frank Carlsen/Dagbladet

At STORSTUA: Madrugada in the Oslo Spektrum, the first two concerts this weekend before the tour continues in Stavanger and Bergen. Photo: Frank Carlsen/Dagbladet
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It’s been two hours now. It’s the last half hour of the concert where it gets more interesting. In the end, Sivert is with the audience, and Spektrum is seething. He’s a star and he seems to be enjoying it! He could have made it much earlier if he wanted to, because the audience is with the notes all the way.

The set list spans 23 years, with a few songs from debut and a few songs from this year’s album—sometimes well-known and lesser-known material from the group’s other four studio albums.

finally served

It’s a big production, with two big screens at height making up the wide stage. The light on the back wall creates atmosphere, and is essential on a stage where most things are quite quiet.

Sivert is a taciturn type and doesn’t speak much between songs, but says he appreciates being back at Oslo Spektrum. The band broke up after a farewell tour in 2008 following the death of guitarist Robert Borras the previous year. But – one of Norway’s biggest bands simply had to return, to Spektrum and many other places – in Norway and Europe.

14 years

What became in the end 100 concerts in 2019 to celebrate the release From the 20-year-old’s debut album “Industrial Silence” Adding Flavor. After 14 years since the previous album and three years after the reunion, in January this year, Stokmarknes released the comeback album “Chimes of Freedom”, which was recorded in Los Angeles during the two weeks just before the pandemic.

“Majestic” was the title of Dagbladet’s review. The next tour has been curtailed due to the pandemic, also at Oslo Spektrum, but they are now about halfway through a concert tour that will continue with three concerts in Stavanger and three concerts in Bergen over the next few weekends.

Dark and heavy

Madrugada as a band relies entirely on an outstanding vocalist of Sivert’s caliber and a few songs that stand out. But he has good support in the back. Joined on stage are Kato “Salsa” Thomasen (guitar), Christer Knutsen (keyboards), Freddy “Remains” Madrugada, John Loveland Petersen (drums), Frode Jacobsen (bass) and Siefert (vocals/guitar) Holm (violin etc.). ) and Erland Dahlin (drums). Only guitarist Kato is introduced. Others also deserve credit for providing “The Chief” with a dark, heavy blanket of sound – solid all the way through. We’re talking about a “machine” that grinds and goes, with Cato Salsa being the one that “shows off” the most. The sound is also good, which is not a given in Oslo Spektrum.

After tomorrow’s concert, the tour continues to Stavanger and Bergen for the next long weekends.

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