November 28, 2022


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Review: "Maskorama" - NRK - We reviewed "Maskorama" by song

Review: “Maskorama” – NRK – We reviewed “Maskorama” by song

Television: The stage is ready for the fourth round of “Maskurama”. Hytta, Snøroboten and Frøya left the competition. This means there are only five participants left in this year’s Cobbler’s Mask. What identity will be revealed tonight? Follow our live coverage of the programme. We are constantly reviewing offers.

UPDATE: The one who had to take off the mask was Maud Angelica Behn aka Dandy.

zombie: “24k Magic” – Bruno Mars

This should be more or less a zombie ride. A soft soul is just the thing for a masked man.

Having said that, it looks a bit flat here and there. The voice control is there and the tones are also where they need to be. Despite the entertaining presentation, it lacks a few extras that usually make Zombien shine when it comes to audiences.

Deleting isn’t bad, it’s just the list is too high here.

I am satisfied with the statement that this is not Jarl Jolly.

We reviewed a song

Holderra: wrecking ball Miley Cyrus

Huldra tends to have good control over their formulation. Here you get stuck in the opening clip and things don’t get much better in the second round. On the other hand, you fix the chorus pretty well. After all, she has a voice made for strong pop and there’s enough to hone in here.

But that Miley Cyrus interpretation doesn’t quite shine through tonight. Could it be that the seriousness is starting to show?

Alexandra c?

We reviewed a song

the wolf: Bad Habits – Ed Sheeran

This furry creature was not the most musically acute participant. But here he found a song that suited his somewhat limited voice.

Maybe toning down the choreography helped a bit? Not much, but enough to control breathing and pulse.

Is it the little (adult) Martin?

We reviewed a song

Amazing: “Oops, I did it again” – Britney Spears

We’ve learned that Dandy doesn’t mind making standard versions of old pop gems. So this time. Here she promotes Britney Spears’ “Oops I Did It Again” and gives a real nightclub number to this song.

Singing-wise, she’s moderately successful – she cracks a little now and then – as if she’s lost focus along the way. However, it is a very entertaining version and is actually quite inside from a technical point of view.

I don’t think this could be Solveig Kringlebotten.

We reviewed a song

Rapagasin: “The Lonely Traveler” – Paperboys

Listen there! Rabagasten never liked rap or song, he saved himself from his winning nature and good energy.

But did you see? Here, rap and vocals sit well, too. Undoubtedly the best number for this crab so far in the competition. Mad, entertaining and very cool.

We weren’t expecting that, Vidar Villa?

Movie songs:

We reviewed a song

the wolf: “Blue (Da Pa Di)” – Eiffel 65

From one thing to another, sort of. Wolf impressed in the first round, but here he goes on the muzzle and sings afterwards. In terms of singing, he sounds like a frantic hippo. Yes, I know a hippopotamus can’t sing, but a wolf can’t sing either. There is no point in overdoing it anymore.

As always, presentation is an important factor when the wolf is on stage, so at least he saves himself from one.

We reviewed a song

Holderra: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – Judy Garland

Huldra struggles a bit with the same things as in the first round. She loses her breath and energy in the verses, but regains something in the chorus.

However, there is no escaping the fact that it is a little sour and wobbly here and there. This Judy Garland song might be thought of as a few numbers too big for the person behind the mask.

It must be a. Gunner, is this?

We reviewed a song

Rapagasin: “Shake Up, Telefather” – Didi/Murphy Lee/Nelly

Apparently Rabagasten has been in the saddle for the past week. It’s possible that the past weeks have led him to get to know himself better. Practice makes perfect, right?

Anyway, this is much better than what the colleague provided in the first rounds. The rap is flowing, and the song has more energy. Confidence can do wonders and it shows again here.

We reviewed a song

Amazing: “Young and Beautiful” – Lana Del Rey

Great sound, great song selection and unfortunately a somewhat lukewarm delivery from Dandy. The hope was that it would grow with the competition, but it did not do so as much as, say, Rabagasten.

There will be a lot of dirty tones and uneasy phrases. It is really a pity, because there is no doubt that Dandy has a great taste.

The plaque might be on to something when they mention Emilie Nereng.

We reviewed a song

zombie: “Life is a highway” – Rascal Flatts

There were new notes of zombies. Nice to hear him do something with just a bite. If I may say so? Here guitars and percussion are located in buckets and buckets, giving space for further singing. It looks more lively and lively from the start.

Zombie’s voice also has a lot of personality and uniqueness, which makes the song pop a bit. Good blown.

We wouldn’t leave Bilal entirely, that is.

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