Review: Melodi Grand Prix – NRK 1 – Beat Subwoolfer

Review: Melodi Grand Prix - NRK 1 - Beat Subwoolfer

Latest: Subwoolfer are this year’s winners, and will represent Norway at Eurovision.

television: Tonight it will be decided who will get a ticket to Turin in May. Will it be the duo in yellow wolf masks, the song about torshammer or perhaps an Elton John-style pop song that will represent Norway in “Eurovision”? In a short time we will get the answer.

We review contributions song by song.

Oda Gondrosen: “Hammer Of Thor”
Lyrics and music: Morten Frank, Elsa Solzvik, Torger Rescivic, Oda Kristen Gondrosen.

You may have been very negative about Oda and torshammer in the past. This is primarily due to the fact that no clichés were left out, and the very clear message can be considered a bit excessive. However, the Melodi Grand Prix is ​​not a spectacle of ingenuity. It beats the drums and flashes the visual effects. It’s very exciting, so it continues and works relatively well when you first accept fairly easy solutions. The main character herself sings meticulously.

Subwoolfer won - we reviewed the final of the Melodi Grand Prix

Northkid: “someone”
Lyrics and music: Helge Moen, Alex Charles, Sandra Laing and Jim Bergsted

Bilal Saab and Northkid have a good enough song so far, but is it really a relatively straightforward semi-song that this competition needs? Bilal sings brilliantly. The song gets to the point quickly, the chorus is nice and soft. But, do you tend to outdo the other elements that focus more on circus and scenography? We will get an answer in a few hours.

Subwoolfer won - we reviewed the final of the Melodi Grand Prix

Anna Lisa Komoji: “Queen Bee”
Lyrics and music: Olly Okras, Alan Roy Scott, Elspeth Reeder, Anna Lisa Komoji

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It shouldn’t be so full of energy when Anna-Lisa Kumoji is on stage. She has previously shown that she is a singer with a great deal of vitality. Moreover, she possesses a voice that can turn off most people. “Queen Bees” is a weak R’n’B with plenty of gunpowder and a fairly instant chorus. Maybe that’s what it takes to please the audience this time? Anna Lisa at least has enough charm and musical influence.

Subwoolfer won - we reviewed the final of the Melodi Grand Prix

Farida: “Dangerous”
Lyrics and music: Farida Polsith Bennounis, Rasmus Simon Vidvik Thalog, Atl Petersen, Peter Neumann, Hana Dorothy Bestow

Farida puts all focus on song, drop effects, and fireworks. “Dangerous” isn’t a song that leans forward and pushes you into your chest, but it does have a nerve that gives you a little bit to work with. Farida sings beautifully when she first finds a foothold. Unfortunately, it struggles more at the low records. While it’s highly unlikely that this one will catch up, we love the James Bond-like vibe.

Subwoolfer won - we reviewed the final of the Melodi Grand Prix

Sofie Fjellvang: “Made of glass”
Songs and melodies: Sophie Velvang and Keitel Moreland

Sophie has Kettle Moreland’s Melody Grand Prix experience. It comes down to big emotions, and there’s no doubt that Sofie has the voice to carry the burden. She doesn’t have a long career to show for it, but she seems to be relatively confident on the stage here. The strength of the song undoubtedly lies in the large chorus, since Sophie is also able to show all the nuances of her voice. In general, this is not a pioneering work. But we’re not saying no thanks to some old fashioned vocal acrobatics at competitions like this, right?

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Subwoolfer won - we reviewed the final of the Melodi Grand Prix

Froude Fasil with «Black Flowers»
Lyrics and music: Frode Vasel, Benjamin Larsen, Niklas Rosström, Celine Alit Pedersen-Brevol

Frod clearly has a penchant for the baroque rock of Matthew Bellamy and Meuse. “Black Flowers” like cheating from the nose of the big British hit, “Uprising.” Frode has a lot of experience from both the Melodi Grand Prix and other competitions, which is once again shown in the routine. He is in all respects a very skilled singer. Unfortunately, there is a lack of character and nerves here.

Subwoolfer won - we reviewed the final of the Melodi Grand Prix

Christian Ingbrigtsen: “Wonder of the World”
Lyrics and music: Christian Ingbrigtsen, Michael Hunter Ochs, Henrik Tala

Elton John himself has praised Christian Ingbrigtsen. You don’t have to spend many seconds in the Wonders of the World before you realize where Ingebrigtsen drew his inspiration. This seems obvious to Elton John at his finest as the late ’80s. Ingebrigtsen is a professional on hand, and it is a pity that he has to go to work so cheaply from time to time. The text is an ironic cliché. But it should not be denied that it fits the ear well.

Subwoolfer won - we reviewed the final of the Melodi Grand Prix

Maria Mohn: “Flight”
Lyrics and music: Maria Mohn, Einar Christiansen Fife, Jan Toure Saltense

Maria went by the last chance. It is clear that people have a penchant for Nordic people and countries. Maria gives them: great pop, imbued with violin technique and vocal melodies inspired by popular music. Elements of the show are also present, flames dancing from the edge of the stage and dark images accentuating the song’s drama. Maria sings well, but in short she becomes very unimaginative.

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Subwoolfer won - we reviewed the final of the Melodi Grand Prix

Subwoolfer: “Give this wolf a banana”
Lyrics and melody: Keith and Jim

The hype surrounding this duo hasn’t abated in recent weeks. It is clear that the element of circus and mystery is something that excites people. It is, of course, perfectly acceptable and perfectly understandable. The circus and MGP go hand in hand and I wouldn’t be too surprised if this aspect drives the duo into action. In terms of song, there are relatively thin instances. He looks more than anything like poor man Ed Sheeran. But you shouldn’t shy away from Sheeran’s success either, so if they can please some of his many fans, you have a good starting point.

Subwoolfer won - we reviewed the final of the Melodi Grand Prix

Elsie Bay with “Death Of Us”
Lyrics and music: Elsa Søllesvik, Jonas Holteberg Jensen, Andreas Stone Johansson

Elsie undoubtedly has the best song of the evening. Despite her young age, she has already accomplished a lot, as a songwriter and half Elsa and Emily. It’s clear that she’s turned the vocal performance another notch since the qualifying round, and now the performance is up for grabs from the start. “Death of Us” is a great song that makes neck hair stand up in its glossy and gorgeous arrangement. It also helps that Elsie has a lot of personality and nerves in her voice.

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