January 27, 2023


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Review of the movie "The Golden Carriage": extravagant B movie - VG

Review of the movie “The Golden Carriage”: extravagant B movie – VG

“I breathe war!!”: Eyvind Sander (R) gives Jon Oygarden a mouthful of slaps in the face in “Gulltransporten.”

Light and honest about a “sunshine story” from WWII Norway.


War movie/drama

“transfer gold”

Premieres on Viaplay on Thursday, December 15th

Norway. 12 years. Director: Hallvard Bræin

With: John O’Garden, Ida Elise Broch, Axel Boeum, Anatole Taubman, Eyvind Sander, Morten Svartveit, Sven Nordan

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The light and patriotic entertainment movie About the Second World War, in the tradition of “The Great Escape” (1963) and “Kelly’s Heroes” (1970), conditions are not very good these days. (Although the British try from time to time.)

Maybe it was Steven Spielberg.Save your mind Ryan(1998) which, with its shocking realism, gave it a knockout punch. Maybe George Clooney was a little silly.”men gasp»(2014). Perhaps the world has simply realized that there is not much about war that can be easily entertained.

«Transfer goldHe is in this sense one the outside. A “sunshine story” from the early days of war in Norway, which is being launched as a “popcorn-worthy” war movie. Gulltransporten certainly has little in common with the most watched Norwegian film of the year in cinemas: The angry and good.war sailor».

An officer on a dangerous mission: John Oygarden in “The Gold Transport”.

Now “Gulltransporten” isn’t a crazy comedy or in some other way “insane”, that is. but this he is Easy, yes. It’s a bit like Olsenbanden’s more serious World War II movie.

The comparison is not taken out of the blue. Director Hallvard Bræin was the man behind the thoroughly useful attempt at resuscitation.Olsen gangearlier this fall. In “Gulltransporten” it looks as if he drew on experiences from the saga of Olsen and the Three.BirthMovies he has on his conscience.

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The story of how to stay the last of Norges Bank’s gold holdings were transferred from Norway in April 1940On paper, it seems very suitable for the movie. Especially if you cheat and bloat a bit, which is permissible in an entertaining movie.

The freight route ran from Oslo via Lillehammer, to Andalsnes, Molde and Tromsø, by car, train and boat. National icons such as Einar Gerhardsen, Nordal Grieg and Nene Haslund Gledich were all part of the trip.

MOLDE ON FIRE: A scene from “The Gold Transport” on Viaplay.

The Nazis pursued him, and the “golden transport” is impressive when it recreates the most dramatic of events: the German cruiser Belcher which landed outside Drobac in the morning hours of April 9, 1940. Violent bombing attacks on Andalsnes And his birth. These sequences, beautifully shot by Oskar Dalsbeken, are believable in a way that doesn’t quite align with the tone of the film as a whole.

John Oygarden He plays young Fredrik Haslund, the Labor parliamentary group secretary entrusted with the responsibility of leading the operation, with a weight that makes him stand out in a somewhat uneven group. A civilian who has discipline in sewing, is more introverted and less heroic than her sister, Nene Haslund Gleditch (Ida Elise Handbook), who comes straight out of the civil war in Spain and is ready as a dueling egg.

From time to time Haslund ends up in conflict with the explosively angry Major Bjørn Sunde (Evin Sander), commander of the military facilities of the operation. But there is nothing that wise words cannot explain. And if Øigarden is “Egon” – a man with a plan he’s willing to stick to – they’re often comical. Axel Boyum And the Sven Norden This movie is “Bennie” and “Kjell”.

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“BENNY” and “KJELL”: Axel Bøyum (left) and Sven Nordin at “Gulltransporten”.

Nordin is the boy from Earth who never complains. It provides dialogue that could have been carried straight from “Carl & Company.” Bøyum is an eccentric who complains that the weather is too cold and the car’s engines are too hot.

Morten Svartvit He plays the poet, playwright, and war correspondent Nordal Grieg. A famous celebrity in Norway, we have to believe this account – not at all so convulsive Marxism that he did not know how to appreciate it. Anatole Tubman portrays the hollow-eyed Nazi who pursues the heroes. It alternates between being creepy and unfamiliar in a comically possibly inadvertent way.

ALL FOR NORDAHL: Morten Svartveit as Nordahl Grieg and Ida Elise Broch as Nini Haslund Gleditsch in “Gulltransporten”.

Coloring period and costumes fit. But there will be a lot of editorial dialogue, an unclear chronology and several somewhat horrific transfer milestones. “Move the Gold” is only sexy for a while – and then mainly in the “money shot” scenes I mentioned above. The sense of imminent danger, of enemies breathing from the necks of the Norwegians, is somewhat improperly attested. We know the Nazis are on their way, but so are we Feel no. We don’t breathe what we see.

There is something non-committal and non-sentimental about Moving the Gold. As if someone had read about the story in a magazine, like Vi Menn, and the light had gone: that’s a potential movie, isn’t it? No one has ever done it, right?

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Writer on War: Axel Boeum in “The Transfer of Gold”.

To the undersigned, it felt like a movie made because someone needed to make something, and because Viaplay had the money and space for more “content”. I think it would have been better if it had been taken care of by someone who was passionate about the job.

The events of “Transportation of Gold” take place during the Second World War. But she really doesn’t have much to say about that.