Review: Slipknot – “The End, So Far”

Review: Slipknot - "The End, So Far"




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album: Chaos, death, broken relationships – history wasn’t just kind to Slipknot. Despite all the turmoil, here they are on their seventh – final album for Roadrunner Records, the company that in its time gave the unconventional nine-piece orchestra the confidence that it would create metal and rock history. They did it as much as possible.

Rarely has extreme music been embraced as widely as the Iowa Collegiate. Since their debut with the record-breaking “Slipknot” from 1999, the nine-piece band has set stone upon stone, filling ring after ring and topping festival posters around the world.

This is due to her unique ability to be brutally relentless with a sophisticated ear for catchy melodies and choppy rhythmic characters. And then you have the supply of course.

Beginning of the End?

“The end, so far,” as the title indicates, is the end of a chapter. Of course, fans have widely speculated whether this meant the end of the band? The band denied this and pointed to the fact that it was about a fresh start. It also coincides with reports that the Roadrunner term is over.

The band has never been afraid to take on new paths. A little six-minute ballad might not be what you’d expect as the opening song on a Slipknot record, but here’s where you get “Adderall”A well-crafted, melancholic song brimming with nervous and elegant arranging details.

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However, it won’t take long before we’re in familiar territory, both of them “The Dying Song (Time to Sing)” And the “The Chapeltown Rag” These are classic Slipknot nose rings, filled with powerful pitch-size choruses. “mind cell” It is almost a symphony in all its splendid splendor, with all nine unfolding in an instrumental way.

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The record is most exciting when Slipknot is in the exploratory corner. A little tight and stuffy “acidic”, is one example. Here, phrases and vocal melodies that no one would have expected from Slipknot a few years ago are presented. “medicine for the dead” Deceptive and dark, with touches of tribal elements. Both songs are promising for the way forward.

Lack of self-editing

“a guarantee”And the “the legacy” And excessively arrogant “H377” Seems like a dime a dozen the album doesn’t do any favors other than making it less focused and more boring.

If Slipknot had been a little better at freeing themselves, it would have been a strong end to an era and a very promising start to a new one.

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