June 9, 2023


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Rima Grocery 1000 | Now you don’t have to pay at the checkout at Rema 1000

Rema 1000 launches a completely new payment solution in ten stores. The goal is to make shopping easier and faster.

Check out the Rema 1000 stores that started with “scan and pay” today, Monday.

The new solution means that you scan goods with your mobile phone while shopping:

  • First, open the Æ app.
  • Then click on “Start Shopping Trip”.
  • Then you scan the barcode on the item you put in the cart.
  • When you’re done, you pay using the facial recognition feature on your mobile phone or with a code.
  • You will then receive a QR code on the mobile phone that you use to open the gate.

Nettavisens challenged the digital director at the Rema 1000 to see if the new solution was actually faster. It wasn’t quite according to plan. Watch the result in the video above.

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Do not remove the box

Rema 1000 says they offer mobile scanning to make it easier for customers.

– You can use the app to see the price while shopping, and then you don’t have to stand in a queue, Rema 1000’s head of digital customer experiences, Øistein Burøy Olsen, tells Nettavisen.

– As a customer, I have to do a survey of the goods, isn’t this something that the store should take care of?

– It is up to each individual customer. We still have regular boxes. If you want to go to the podium, you can still do it, says Olsen.

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The queue is very important

Oslo Met researcher Dag Slettemeås believes that “scan and pay” solutions are being introduced because he believes they are beneficial for both consumers and stores. Rhythm is important.

For shops, it is important for customers to go through the shopping journey quickly without too much friction. Standing in line at the checkout, Slettemeås says, is something people can’t put up with very often.

– It doesn’t take long before people ask for more people to come to the checkout page so the queue is shorter. He thinks solutions that allow people to avoid queuing are important.

Rejects austerity measures

Although “scan and pay” could make it more efficient, Rema 1000 denies offering the solution for the chain to save money.

– No, that is so that customers find it easier to shop at the Rema 1000, says Olsen at the Rema 1000.

– Does this mean that staffing will be the same, that is, you are not doing this in order to be able to reduce the number of employees in stores?

– Yes, this is correct. Scan and Pay is launched to facilitate the shopping journey, not to reduce the number of employees in stores, he says.

More power to the shops

– It would look bad in the media if Rema 1000 said they did it to save money or to cut staff. I don’t think they would say that anyway, says researcher Dag Slitimus.

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– At the same time, perhaps we should believe them. He adds that if there are significant staff cuts, they will be eliminated later.

Slettemeås believes loyalty is also important to stores.

– Stores have loyalty programs, and when you also use your mobile phone to scan merchandise, it can increase loyalty, he says.

When customers shop using their mobile phones, it also provides stores with important knowledge about consumers and their shopping patterns.

– This gives the shops more power. The more knowledge, the easier it is to press the right buttons to get customers to shop more, says Slettemeås.

Weight loss and waste

The vast majority of goods have a barcode. But in the fruit and vegetable department, there are many who do not have it.

We have scales outside the store for fruits, vegetables and snacks. The customer weighs and prints the barcode. All customers can use Scale, if you want to check the price while shopping, says Olsen.

– How will you prevent people from putting merchandise in the bag without scanning?

– We ask the customer a question at the end of the shopping trip: “Have you remembered everything?” We do this to help the customer if they forgot to buy something, but also if you clear all of your items. In addition, the app performs a random check, in the same way as it does in self-checkout, he says.

Tested in Denmark

Rema 1000 also hopes that the new way of shopping will increase the chance that people will bring an environmentally friendly shopping net or a bag with them. You scan the item and put it directly into the bag.

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– Why do you trust this?

– We tested it in Denmark. They got very good feedback. We at Rima here in Norway have tried it and think it’s much easier, says Olsen.

According to Rema 1000, the feedback from Danish customers has been very good. On a scale of 1 to 10, customers gave the payment solution an 8.9.

These stores started with “scan and pay”:

  • REMA 1000 level
  • Rima 1000 poles
  • Rima 1000 Distinctive Farm
  • Reema 1000 Cluftas
  • REMA 1000 Konnerud
  • REMA Stadium 1000 Gjøvik
  • REMA 1000 Ensjo
  • REMA 1000 Ulsrud
  • REMA 1000 Bjolsen
  • inside