Rima Iraqi – The worst unimaginable happened

Rima Iraqi – The worst unimaginable happened

Two years have passed since the worst imaginable happened. On July 19, 2020, my nephews suddenly separated from us. in a brutal way.

This is how NRK Profile and Urix host, Rima Iraki, began an Instagram post paying tribute to Mikael (7) and Gabriel (1) who were murdered by their mother in their home in Lørenskog.

The Iraqi learned that Dagbladet mentioned the post. NRK’s ​​director of communications, Tony Bergmo, said on behalf of Iraq that she had nothing to add to the position.

The harshest punishment of the law

In court, her mother-in-law explained that she did not remember the killings, but she was still given the most severe punishment in law, unconditional imprisonment for 21 years.

The ruling was appealed to the Court of Appeal, but was later withdrawn.

– My client has thought a lot about this. She knows that this condition is painful and difficult for everyone involved and she doesn’t want to put anyone under more pressure than what this has already entailed. That is why we are withdrawing the appeal, mother defender, Gunhild Lorum, told Dagbladet.

double drop: On July 19, 2020, rescue services responded to a fire alarm at a house in Lawrencekog. Reporter: Elias Cr. Saturn Petersen
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space to laugh

In the post, Al-Iraqiya opens up about how she handled the mourning process after her nephews were killed.

– I don’t have a fasit. We are all different, and we experience grief in different ways. But I often answer that we humans can cope more than we think. I’ve learned that even in the darkest moments – when you are going through life’s biggest crisis – there can be room for laughter. In My Family, the host wrote, humor was good medicine.

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She also pays tribute to her brother and father of the children, who just three weeks after the murder set up a children’s memorial fund.

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