Ringebu debate | Yes, the sun shines on the municipalities

Ringebu debate |  Yes, the sun shines on the municipalities

boss This is a commander. The editor expresses the position of the newspaper.

betting on solar energy Is to make Ringebu municipality semi-self-sufficient in electricity, is important. Rather, the message that municipal requirements and municipal bureaucracy should not stand in the way of others who want to do the same is even more important.

We see many examples That people face the wall in search of possible solutions to reduce the need to purchase electricity. Some municipalities are floundering, not knowing exactly what answers to give. Others clearly say that rooftop solar panels are in violation of regulations, and that no exceptions will be granted.

We asked A national policy for a higher pace of energy savings and the use of alternative energy sources. While we wait for the inherent stalemate in the country, we are pleased to see that the municipality has found a bottleneck and is, in fact, doing something to get rid of it.

In many rural areas Requires exemption from solar roofs. It costs NOK 15,000 to process this application, and the lengthy process entails a lot of work for the municipality. – The goal is to get an arrangement where submission is not mandatory, says Ringebu Municipality Technical Director. Call it simplification and removal of bureaucracy.

Øyer they have Instead he chose to apply the brakes. Everything is complicated by technical evaluations of the type of solar roof in question, whether the panels will only produce electricity, or whether they will also replace other roofs. This makes Ower not a municipality at the moment, but it is their right that they should be because the national authorities have not made this a national matter. And it’s not just any municipalities that are making progress in producing more renewable energy. Nor the small production we’re talking about here.

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