Rise in Technology – E24

Rise in Technology - E24

A few hours after the stock market opened on Monday afternoon, the stock points to technology stocks on Wall Street.

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Friday ended with the inclusion of the top two major indexes on Wall Street, the S&P 500 and Dow Jones.

Industry indicators rose after the “most important numbers of the month” revealed that 943,000 new jobs were created outside the agricultural sector in July. It was a stronger result than economists had previously expected, and according to Bloomberg, 870,000 new jobs were expected.

After the turbulent opening on Monday afternoon, both indicators are looking red.

This is what it looks like when the stock exchange opens:

  • The Dow Jones index fell 0.23 percent
  • Standard & Poor’s 500 fell 0.10 percent
  • Nasdaq rose 0.13 percent

A few hours after the exchange opened, the price of a barrel of North Sea (burned) oil fell by about 2 percent, and was trading at $69.06. A barrel of US light sweet oil is trading at $66.58.

The “world’s most important interest rate,” also known as the US “ten-year,” also fell somewhat during Monday.

The yield on US government bonds is now 1.28% after the stock market opens, then Significantly higher after strong job numbers ahead of the weekend.

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin received a fresh boost during the day.

After halving it to less than $30,000 earlier this summer, the price is now over $45,000. According to CoinMarketCap.

This is still well below this year’s high of $64,800 in April.

It was an important resistance level, said William Noble, Metrix token analyst, over the weekend, when the price reached $43,700. If the price exceeds that, he thought it could open up to another sharp rally.

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“So $49,000 could be the next stop, and I don’t want to rule out the jump back to over $64,000,” he said. Forbes.

A drop from the record set on Friday

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