Rising to the Sky: Seems 150 percent up on Amazon

Rising to the Sky: Seems 150 percent up on Amazon

tech giant cloud service, Amazon Web Servicesclose to a valuation of $3 trillion – 29.4 trillion kroner.

That’s nearly three times the value of the entire company in the stock market now, according to Redburn analyst Alex Haissl, who believes Amazon will eliminate the cloud at some point in the future.

– AWS separation may not be appropriate now, but if the difference in performance continues to spread, it is a possibility, says analyst according to Bloomberg On a comprehensive note.

BerGenBio’s rating has been sharply downgraded by Lars Knudsen at Arctic Securities. He lowered the rating from the previous 63 crowns to just 27 crowns, but repeated purchases. The stock has been going down and down since May 2020 and down 75 percent since then. The price is now at 11.25 kr, so the upside is still significant up to 140 percent.

Haissl recommends buying Amazon stock and sees chances that the stake will reach $270 next year. It is 150 percent higher than the price today and the highest among all analysts. The analyst also recommends buying Microsoft, loading Snowflake and selling MongoDB.

In the first quarter, AWS revenue rose 37 percent to $18.4 billion, despite lower online sales.

It’s not possible to mobilize poor performers, but we don’t think the business has been structurally damaged, Heysel says.

According to Redburn analyst, Amazon cloud is in a better position than Microsoft and Alphabet because it has lower costs and better technology.

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