Road administration in confusion between Bergen and Voss: – This is regrettable

Road administration in confusion between Bergen and Voss: – This is regrettable

An open ditch on the E16 between Bergen and Voss created endless queues during the Friday exit before the autumn holidays.

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– Roadworks on the main road out of Bergen were set before the start of the autumn holidays. Well planned and written by a sarcastic catchy reader.

– Doesn’t the National Road Administration know that it’s the start of autumn holidays and it’s Friday?, asked another.

The boom stuck for three-quarters of an hour

Road works are in progress between Jamna Tunnel and Fossmark Tunnel at Wakstall. Here, there is manual routing as there is an open trench where BKK cables are laid.

The route was announced on the Swedish Road Administration’s website, but many motorists did not like it.

Stig-Andre Norman was one of those sitting in the endless line north toward Vos on Friday afternoon.

– I like to think we stood together for three quarters of an hour, says Norman.

– The ambulance had to wait

He is very skeptical about the way traffic management is done at that place.

Norman says he noticed an ambulance with blue lights waiting for a long time.

He also thinks that very few cars were left on the Bergen side of the loop because most of the cars came from here.

– I experienced the route as a traffic hazard. Norman says there was a lot of anger and aggression among motorists.

Swedish Road Administration: – Very unfortunate

Ole Svåsand is Division Manager for Operations at the Swedish Road Administration.

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He points out that not only the trench where the PKK is working is closed, but the route has been announced.

– The trench must be open, so a guide truck is necessary. Swashanth says there will be an extra long lead car drive due to the risk of landslides in the area.

Still, he understands the frustration it created Friday afternoon into the evening. Queues didn’t clear until 8pm.

– This is unfortunate. It is particularly unfortunate as it departs on a Friday and before the autumn holidays, says Swashanth.

Traffic diversions in the area will continue for some time.

– I hope people pay attention to conductors, says Svåsand.

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