Roads closed in southern and northern Norway on Friday – NRK Sørlandet – Local news, TV and radio

Roads closed in southern and northern Norway on Friday – NRK Sørlandet – Local news, TV and radio

– It is important to adjust your speed to the conditions, drive carefully and allow extra time, says traffic operator at Vegtrafikksentralen Sør, Kristin Våsjø.

On Thursday, the Bureau of Meteorology updated its yellow to orange snow warning for Achter and Westfold and parts of Telemark.

On Friday morning, most mountain passes were closed and driving conditions were demanding on roads in many parts of the country.

– Keep your dive at home

Plowing crews are in full swing on E18 on Friday mornings.

Joachim Tweed drives a plow truck in Proklandea, Aktor. He has been on site since 04:00 last night and expects to continue until tonight.

Tveit has clear and unambiguous advice for people in the area.

– Be patient and stay at home. Go out only if necessary.

Plow train on the E18 at Rugtvedt, Bamble, Telemark

On the other hand, along the coast in Aktor, west of the Divestrand, there are snow-free roads and precipitation in the form of rain.

– Mostly snow in Westfold and Telemark. Vasjo says there is snow on the road and on major roads.

Vegtrafikksentralen urges people to be considerate of plow workers and keep their distance from the car in front.

Many roads were closed

Most of the country’s mountain passes were closed due to the weather on Friday. The Swedish Road Administration warns of the risk of multiple closures at short notice.

– No forecasts from the mountain, but weather rules. So, weather permitting, Vasjo says the convoy will be conducted.

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At 10.00, the traffic center reported a traffic queue on the E39 between the Maasfjordunal and Modelen exits north of Bergen.

Isn’t this a division that often requires convoying?

No, I was actually very surprised, but here it is considered necessary, says Remy Lien at the Swedish Transport Agency.

– It’s smart to get out of the car

At a gas station on the E18 in Sandefjord, taxi driver Ibrahim Rakka brushes snow off his car.

Even though the driving conditions are tough now, he is in good spirits.

– Most of the roads are not properly plowed. I understand that plows are difficult. You have to take it as it comes.

He thinks it is better to leave the car today.

– I would have been in, but I have to drive. I want to help. If it is not important, it is better to stay at home.

Taxi driver Ibrahim Raqa brushes snow from his car at Folkserod in Sandefjord.

Taxi driver Ibrahim Raqa brushes snow from his car at Folkserod in Sandefjord.

Photo: Veslemøy Prøis / NRK

Arne Nilsson drives a logging truck. Wesfold has been on a vegetarian diet for several hours.

He urges drivers of passenger cars to be careful when meeting a train going uphill.

– Give us some space so we don’t have to stop. And then it’s hard to start over.

Driver Arne Nilsson refuels a truck train.

Driver Arne Nilsson refuels a truck train.

Photo: Veslemøy Prøis / NRK

E6 reopened

In many places, vegetarians have been closed for periods due to accidents and have had trouble recovering truck trains that have created problems.

Among others, there have been several collisions between cars on the E6 on Mjøsbrua in Inlandate after a lorry lost a wheel on the southbound lane on Friday morning.

Mjøsbrua has now reopened after being closed in both directions for two hours on Friday morning.

Formed long queues.

Line up in Mjøsbroa on Friday 6 January

There is a row in Mjøsbrua in the early hours of Friday morning after several cars reportedly collided.

Photo: Norwegian Road Administration

Just before 6.00 there were reports of a crash involving a plough, a lorry and a car on the E18 near Porskren.

The road was closed due to long queues in the northbound direction. It has now reopened to regular traffic.

More snow to come – and rain

On Friday, up to 40 centimeters of fresh snow is expected in Agder and the Telemark and Vestfold regions.

The Met Office has issued an orange warning for Achter and Westfold and Telemark. Police and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration warn of difficult driving conditions and ask motorists to take it easy.

At Tvedestrand and eastbound on the E18, the road is cleared.

Plow cart

A plow truck in action on the E18 at Proklandea in Aktor.

Photo: Kjetil Samuelsen / NRK

The warning is in effect until Friday evening.

Saturday will be moderate with rain. This leads to an even bigger problem for vegetarians.

A yellow warning has been issued for parts of eastern and western Norway.

New orange warning for Aust- and Sørlandet.

Snow will be heavy in both southern Norway, eastern Norway and western Norway on Friday.

Description: Bureau of Meteorology

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