Robber “Hank the Tank”: –

Robber "Hank the Tank": -

A rather unusual thief, which has the assigned name “Hank the Tank”, has received a lot of attention all over the world.

Black Bear 226 kg Roughly 30 homes were broken into in South Lake Tahoe, California, USA, and more were taken by police A hundred phone calls about him.

Five days after the local police shared one Facebook posts Where they wrote that none of the sirens, paintballs, beanbags, and teasers helped in the fight to keep the bear out of the neighborhood, they are now telling people to stop calling them.

– We knew this post would get attention, but we never thought it would get so much response from all over the world! The South Lake Tahoe Police Department (SLTPD) wrote in an update on Facebook.

– We have to have a conversation

There were many opinions about what should happen to Hank to overcome the burglary problem.

Some have suggested that killing is the only solution, as the bear is an addictive animal and will keep coming back.

However, it has created reactions.

– Now we have to have a conversation: Please stop calling the police to share their opinions about Hank, he writes to the Police Department.

They must have received numerous calls about the black bear, to the point where it had exceeded the capacity for emergency calls.

In search of food: The local police at the fence shared photos of the damage done by Hank the tank. Photo: South Lake Tahoe Police Department.
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– Why should the jerk die?

– SLTPD has nothing to say about Hank. Our local wildlife agencies are working on finding the best solution for it. Nobody wants to see Hank get killed, police continues a Facebook post posted on Wednesday evening, Norwegian time.

According to them, work must now be done on a solution that is beneficial to the bear’s mental and physical health, as well as what is best for the people in the neighborhood.

The local game rescue service “BEAR League” is among those fighting for the life of “Hank”. They hope it will fit into a proper animal sanctuary.

A bear should not harm anyone, and be a relatively “polite” thief.

– Why does this bastard have to die? They ask in the comments section below posted on Facebook.

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