Robbery, thief | The thief saw on camera when they traveled from Spain: – We sent the dog out when he came back

Robbery, thief |  The thief saw on camera when they traveled from Spain: – We sent the dog out when he came back

(Ostlandets Bld): – They couldn't catch the thief, but he was rude enough to come back after we returned home, the couple told ØB.

Lisbeth and Ove Lindblad Lovasen experienced the horror of all homeowners when they were vacationing in Spain.

– It was a coincidence that I checked the cameras before we left the hotel at 05:15. The footage showed a man sneaking towards the front door just after midnight, say the shocked couple, who returned from Spain on March 22.

Lisbeth quickly called her daughter and asked her to send her husband to Over Sjoskogen in Winterbro.

is back

– At 06.36 the camera suddenly showed that the man had returned. The police were contacted, and four patrols were sent to the area, but the thief appeared to be immersed in the ground. Our brother-in-law estimated he was five minutes late.

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Here the thief plays the role of a “creepy wool blanket.”

In the surveillance video, you can clearly see how the thief sneaks up to check the circumstances.

The couple feels pretty sure that this is the same man who has been wreaking havoc in the neighborhood for so long.

I think it's regular

The couple believes it is important to warn others before the Easter holidays get into full swing.

The couple shared videos of the man on the Facebook group 'What's Happening in Vinterbro'. Here, the matter was filled with comments confirming that the couple is not alone in such an experience.

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A neighborhood resident comments that he is an unwanted guest:

-I was robbed a lot two months ago and this fall. Then someone climbed up using a ladder to get inside. Know that this is not fun anymore.

– It appears to be the same man we visited at the beginning of December 2023 in Togrinda and who was also observed in Sjøskogen on the same night, commented another.

It had not been long since the previous robbery

ØB wrote about a robbery in the neighborhood on March 4 at 20:37 Tuesday evening. The police in Ost then reported on X that there had been a burglary at a private residence in Winterbro during the day, and that the perpetrator had gained entry by breaking a window. Watches and clothes were stolen from the home.

Operations Manager Kjetil Ringseth in the Eastern Police District told ØB that they received a report of the break-in at 15:47 on Tuesday afternoon.

Then the resident of the address returned home. He says the window was completely gone, and a number of watches and clothes were stolen.

According to Ringseth, we are talking about values ​​of a few tens of thousands.

In the movie, the man hangs black felt to cover the outside lighting. There is ample evidence that he also broke a bathroom window on the same trip.

Many robberies

The operations manager confirms in the interview that there have been several similar robberies in the Sjøskogen area.

A window was also broken in the home of the Lindblad Løvåsen couple.

– Maybe the cops aren't the only ones who would consider having a conversation with the man. There are a lot of people who are upset about all the robberies that have happened here. It's only been a few days since I heard that a barracks had been broken into.

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What's a bit special about this time is that the thief makes repeat visits to the house, and there's plenty to suggest that the first trips were to prepare for later burglaries.

– After we got home and put our luggage, he suddenly appeared on the security camera again at 9 pm.

Elizabeth immediately called 112, so Ove took the dog and ran outside.

The police immediately sent a patrol, but when they arrived five minutes later, he was nowhere to be found despite an intense search.

She doubts that the thief will try again to break into their house, but she is sure that the man will make new attempts to break into the house.

The thief is wearing a jacket with his name and logo on it.

In the video, the thief takes down the black felt he had previously hung over the outdoor lights.

The couple feels that the incident creates insecurity.

We are on guard, and we cannot calm down after experiencing shock.

Lisbeth and Uwe Lindblad Lovasen

In the video, the thief takes down the black felt he had previously hung over the outdoor lights.

The thief is wearing a jacket with his name and logo on it.

– Many believe this is the same man who appeared in other people's surveillance videos in the area. He obviously stole or bought himself an old Russian jacket, because there is a Russian name and logo on the jacket.

The couple praises the police for their good follow-up, but they are happy that they have finished their vacation and will be home to take care of the house.

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ØB previously wrote about a break-in across the road from the couple, where the thief took bags and jewelery worth several hundred thousand kroner.

Stolen valuables in the amount of NOK 800,000 – promise a reward

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