Robert F. Kennedy Jr.. – Request for a discount on vaccinations for vaccinations at Christmas parties

Robert F.  Kennedy Jr..  – Request for a discount on vaccinations for vaccinations at Christmas parties

New York (Dagbladet): In recent years, Kennedy, 67, of the famous Kennedy clan, has made a name for himself in the United States due to conspiracy theories, protests against coronavirus vaccines, and pandemic restrictions.

So many were surprised when Kennedy and his wife Cheryl Hines, known from “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” sent invitations to a Christmas party at their California home. In the invitation, guests were asked to vaccinate or take a coronation test before coming to the company, reports Politico.

the correct: President John F. Kennedy was shot dead as he and his wife Jacqueline Kennedy were driving in downtown Dallas on November 22, 1963. Video: CNN
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– Not always the boss

“I’m not always the boss of my house,” Kennedy told the website.

At the same time, he emphasized that it had not been checked whether the guests had actually been vaccinated or tested.

The statement has been widely criticized, writes Watchman.

– “Blame your old wife for wanting people to be safe when it’s an anti-vaccination hoax.” Classy, ​​Republican Doug Hay writes Twitter.

Haynes has not yet commented on the situation.

The cause of death is clear: Robert Kennedy’s grandson, Maeve Kennedy Townsend McCain (center) was found dead last week after a boat accident. His 8-year-old son, Gideon, also died in the accident. The cause of his death has now been announced. Video/Photo: AP/Facebook
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wrote a few days ago AP . news agency Long article on Kennedy Anti-Vaccines, Advocating for Children’s Health.

Unlike many other nonprofit organizations, which suffered during the pandemic, the Kennedy Organization raised large sums. Documents show that Children’s Health Defense doubled its revenue in 2020 to $6.8 million (about 61.2 million kroner).

Presidency’s nephew

Kennedy is the nephew of former US President John F. Kennedy and nephew of President Robert. Kennedy. John F. Kennedy was shot and killed in 1963. Robert F. was also shot. Kennedy was killed when he was about to become the Democratic presidential candidate in 1968.

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Previously, Kennedy was also a passionate environmental activist and attended, among other things, conferences in Norway. But in recent years he has become famous for conspiracy theories and resistance to vaccines.

Fauci . striker

Earlier this year, Kennedy was removed from Instagram for sharing false information about covid-19.

In November, he also published The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, which became an Amazon bestseller. There he attacks, among other things, the well-known American expert in the fight against infection, Anthony Fauci.

Many doctors and medical experts warned against Kennedy.

“He is leading the campaign for disinformation,” Doctor Richard Allen Williams, founder of the Institute for Minority Health, told the Guardian.

– Very dangerous

Kerry Kennedy, sister of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., runs the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation for Human Rights. She warned her brother, claiming that he had deliberately used references to President John F. Kennedy to promote his resistance to a vaccine.

Whoever believes such a thing does not know the story. John F. Kennedy went to great lengths to make vaccinations, both as a senator and later as president, Kerry Kennedy told the Associated Press and added:

– I love Bobby, but I think he is completely wrong about this and very dangerous. Not taking vaccinations puts people’s lives at risk. It not only affects the person who refuses to take the vaccine, but it puts the entire community at risk.

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