Robinson’s Expedition, Selge Torbe | Debuting as host: – Over to Christer Falck

Robinson’s Expedition, Selge Torbe |  Debuting as host: – Over to Christer Falck

Silje Torp had a clear strategy as program manager for “Robinson Expedition,” but then everything changed.

Watch the video! Selge Torp as Host of ‘Robinson’: More Caring Than Krister Falch

After five years away from the screen, I did ‘Robinson’s Journey’ Successfully return to low salinity Monday night.

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Well-known items such as “Robinson fight”, “Island Council” and talk of the alliance have become a long-awaited meeting for “Robinson” viewers, but not everything about the new season is as before.

Among other things, host Christer Falck (52), who led the show through 14 seasons, was replaced by actor and coaching file Silje Torp (46).

I’ve never been a fan

During the press days of the show, which was arranged before the premiere, Torp was able to reveal that she wasn’t particularly a fan of the reality concept before she accepted the role of host.

No, I wasn’t a Robinson viewer. I was not. But Turp told Nettvizen that I followed a little, and I always thought it was a fun concept.

She also did not have any special programming experience, but she was used to appearing in front of the television screen as an actress in the hits of the series “Lilyhammer” and “The Vikings”.

I did not play the role of program manager. I don’t think it’s something you can practice. I better think it’s something you develop into. I went in there and thought I should do it the ‘this’ and ‘that’ way, but then I ended up with something completely different, Torp said and I think it takes a more nurturing role than did his predecessor Christer Falk.

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– But I was also very harsh with them. Because it requires a lot of them, they must be motivated to go far. I use both the actor and the mental coach in me, to remind them of why they are there, who they are and perhaps push them to push their boundaries.

I can never be with myself

Although Silje Torp has never been an “enthusiastic Robinson viewer” before, she can safely say that she is today after several weeks of filming in the Dominican Republic.

When asked if she would like to continue performing in a potential new season, she quickly answered yes. She also describes the job as director of Robinson’s Journey as something unique and educational – and one of the coolest things she’s been involved in.

However, she could never have imagined being a participant herself.

– I don’t think I could have joined. I deal with eating so little food so badly. I didn’t think I would particularly like myself on a desert island.

It’s fun to see the people who really give iron and who go out of their way every day to always give the best possible performance. She continued: It is difficult, and I do not envy them.

“Robinson Expedition” is broadcast on TV3 on Mondays at 20:30.

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