June 9, 2023


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Robots will take our jobs. But not these. Still… – Dagsavisen

Robots with artificial intelligence (called KI or AI after artificial intelligence) will radically change working lives. The consulting company Goldman Sachs He estimated that an AI that can produce text would be able to actually do about a quarter of this kind of work. Another report believes that 300 million jobs will disappear in the European Union and the United States, he writes BBC.

But artificial intelligence can’t do everything. At least not yet, experts say.

There are three main categories of jobs that will be secure for the foreseeable future, Martin Ford tells the BBC.

Martin Ford wrote the book Robotics Rule: How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Everything, which is Robotfielddit: How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Everything.

1. Creative thought

The first category that Ford believes people will hold onto for the foreseeable future are really creative jobs, where you have new ideas and come up with something new.

This doesn’t necessarily mean all jobs we think of as “creative,” like graphic design or illustration, Ford explains. The Norwegian media has been full of AI-generated graphics lately. What Ford believes is rather creative problem solving.

– In science, medicine, law and people who create new ways of doing legal business or business, I think we will still need people, he tells the BBC.

2. Human relations

The second category of jobs that humans are envisioned preferring to artificially intelligent robots in the future are jobs that require advanced interpersonal skills.

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Nurses, counselors, business consultants, and investigative journalists are examples of this type of job, where you need to “read the room,” build trust, and nurture relationships over time.

It will be a long time before AI can build relationships as advanced as humans can, says Martin Ford.

3. Change the surrounding environment

The third category he sees as safe for people right now are jobs that require problem solving in persistent writing environments.

Examples of this category are electricians, plumbers, welders, and many other trades jobs.

– It is very difficult to automate jobs as the environment changes all the time. Then we need a sci-fi droid, Star Wars C-3PO, says Martin Ford BBC.

changed content

He also adds that many of the jobs that humans will have and will continue to do will likely change content due to bots.

One could, for example, imagine that a machine is as good or better than humans at detecting cancer or interpreting X-rays, but a human doctor is needed to ensure good communication with the patient, and add up all the test results to find the best course of treatment in consultation with the patient.

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