June 10, 2023


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Roger Waters is being investigated in Germany – allegedly wearing a ‘Nazi-like’ costume

On Tour: Artist Roger Waters will perform in Hamburg, Germany, on May 7.

German police are investigating Roger Waters, 79, who helped found Pink Floyd.


Photos on social media show Waters wearing a long black trench coat with red armbands on stage during a performance of “In the Flesh” during a concert at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin last week.

Written on the bracelets are two crossed hammers, not the swastika as the Nazis used it guardian.

– We are investigating suspicions of incitement to hate speech because the clothes used on the stage could be used to glorify or justify the Nazi regime and could therefore disturb public order, police spokesman Martin Hallweg tells AFP.

Hallwig added – that the uniform resembles that of an SS officer.

Germany has very strict rules against using Nazi influences, and can get up to three years in prison for breaking the rules, he writes BBC. However, there are exceptions for technical or educational purposes.

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Defend the outfit

Waters dressed up as the pink character in the rock opera “The Wall”.

Bob Geldof wrote the same song in a Nazi outfit for the film version of the rock opera “The Wall” in 1982, while Waters wore a similar outfit during her “The Wall” tour between 2010 and 2013, writes The Guardian.

The newspaper writes that the police will now examine footage from previous concerts to see if the costume has changed.

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In a statement on Twitter, Waters criticized the accusations and said they were coming from people looking to discredit him.

“The parts of my performance that are being questioned are clearly a declaration against fascism, injustice and narrow-mindedness in all forms,” he wrote, adding that he had worn the same clothes many times before.


In recent years, the artist has become a controversial figure, and charges have been brought against him, among other things Anti-SemiticAnti-SemiticThe word is used for people who have anti-Jewish attitudes and actions.which he himself denies.

He was also criticized for his connections with the so-called BDSBDSShe supports Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, a movement highly critical of Israel. – The campaign that calls for boycotting Israel and imposing sanctions as a result of Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories.

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It caused such a strong reaction that during his concerts Roger Waters released balloons in the shape of a pig with the Star of David on it.

Recently, a German court decided that Waters could hold a concert in Frankfurt on May 28. Authorities in Frankfurt and the state of Hesse tried to stop the concert because they believed Waters had anti-Semitic attitudes.

In February, he addressed the UN Security Council at the invitation of Russia.