Røkke has moved to a resort in Switzerland – E24

Røkke has moved to a resort in Switzerland – E24

Three days before announcing his departure from Norway, Rogke booked into the resort Colina d’Oro in Lugano.

Switzerland: Kjell Inge Røkke now has his residential address at Hotel Resort Collina d’Oro.
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On 12 September, Kjell Inge Rokke announced that he was taking supplies to Lugano, Switzerland.

– I have chosen Lugano as my new residence – it is not cheap or has the lowest taxes, but in return it is the best place in Europe with a central location. My house in Asker has been transferred as a gift to my ex-wife Anne Grete, who lives in Konglungen with our two common children, Røkke wrote in a letter to his fellow partners and employees.

Røkke has now also registered a residency at the luxury resort Collina d’Oro in Switzerland. The move was registered on September 9, three days before Røkke publicly announced his move.

Røkke’s spokesman Rolf Nereng confirmed to E24 in September that Røkke bought a house in the town.

Nereng did not respond to E24’s inquiries on Tuesday evening.

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Comfort, security and privacy

The hotel offers furnished apartments that can be rented out for longer stays.

On its website, the hotel describes the offer:

“Different residential solutions benefit from the resort’s hotel services and fantastic location. (…) a very exclusive environment that offers guests greater comfort, security and privacy”.

The hotel says monthly rents range from 4,800 to 14,000 Swiss francs. This corresponds to 51,000 to 149,000 Norwegian kroner.

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It is also possible to buy apartments that are not furnished in the hotel.

In a letter to fellow shareholders and employees, Røkke described the move as “a demanding choice”. At the same time, family company TRG and listed Aker will continue as before with the Norwegian anchor for knowledge-based industrial development with the world as a market, he said.

Kjell Inge Røkke’s equation statistics in 2021 show that her income increased. In 2020, he was taxed on an income of NOK 19 million, but last year his income increased almost fivefold to NOK 92.9 million. At the same time, equity fell by NOK 17.8 billion, it writes Finsavicen.

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31 billion equivalent assets were transferred to Switzerland in 5 years


Røkke’s new residence, Lugano, is known for its advanced adoption of cryptocurrency, facilitating new solutions, and plans to make it possible to pay taxes with crypto.

And the city’s mayor, Michael Foletti, previously said he would discuss crypto with Røkke.

– What caught our attention when we sought him out was his interest in cryptocurrency, he told E24 in September.

When the news of Rocke’s exit broke, it didn’t take long for reactions at home to start pouring in. Work is now underway on a proposal for a so-called “exit tax”, and SV wants a new law to have consequences for those already displaced.

Rokke isn’t the only one who recently left Norway in favor of Switzerland.

Investor Tord Ueland Kolstad recently announced his move to the Alpine country. So is battery and wind power investor Tore Ivar Slettemoen.

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Property investor Francis Stuckrath Hay, who moved to Bø in Vesterålen last year, has now ventured further into Switzerland.

A review by E24 shows that 31 billion net assets have moved to Switzerland in five years.

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