Role with the worst measurements in five years

Role with the worst measurements in five years

In Gander’s March poll for TV 2, the Conservative Party and the backward SP are in an increasingly strong position.

If the election had taken place today, it would have received 8.4 percent support. The party has not been much lower in the TV 2 poll since January 2017.

The role of party leader Drigway Sloxwold is unlikely to comment on the case. Khair Pollestadt, the center’s deputy speaker of parliament, was not satisfied with the vote.

– The Central Party should rise higher than this. At the same time, our 28 MPs and eight ministers are abiding by the mandate we received from the electorate this fall.

Despite Sp’s downward trend, Frp has fallen the most in this survey. They lose 1.4 percentage points from the previous survey and end up at 10 percent.

The right has clearly won the referendum. The party is very advanced and ends at 26.4 percent. Thus, the Conservative Party is the largest party in the country in the fourth consecutive poll, and party leader Erna Solberg is very pleased with it.

– It looks good with good measurements. It shows that people appreciate the work we do.

However, Solberg says the most important thing now is to follow the development of the war in Ukraine and ensure that Norway makes as much of our contribution as possible.

Labor with a slight increase

Labor must rediscover itself as the second largest party in this country. They still have a slight increase from the previous survey and end with 21.7 percent.

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– We believe we should be superior to it and work for it. But that’s not what we think much of these days, Prime Minister Jonas Karr tells Store TV2.

The Prime Minister refers to the war in Ukraine and denies that the party is paralyzed in that context.

– Do you think things through? Hadia Tajik Passenger Residence Affected support?

– I can’t comment on that. There are many factors behind such measurements, and they vary a lot, I enjoy.

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