Roman Abramovich – Dramatic Evolution

Roman Abramovich - Dramatic Evolution

Both Sky Sports And times Reports on Tuesday afternoon said Roman Abramovich may decide to demand a refund of the money Chelsea owes him.

The media claimed that several bidders at the club had been informed. This could be very exciting news for Chelsea.

The club owes up to 1.6 billion pounds (18.7 billion Norwegian kroner) to Abramovich. It is an amount that the Russian initially said he would not demand.

According to the authorities’ sanctions against the Russian, he cannot make money from the sale of the club. It could now lead to a dead end between the British authorities and Abramovich.

For Chelsea, that could also be critical as the club currently only has a license to work with the Russian owner until May 31.

So far, Abramovich himself has not commented on the matter.

Strongly Supported: Toure Andre Flo spoke about Chelsea’s crisis in relation to the penalties imposed on Roman Abramovich and the club. Video: red card.
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According to the Times’ sources within the British authorities, there is a growing concern that the sale will not be completed on time.

Culture Minister Nadine Dorries told the BBC last week that the club was in “lost time”.

There is a very short window for the sale to occur, said Doris.

Until now, British ministers had the impression that all profits from the sale should be given to the authorities so that they could use them, among other things, to help the victims of the war in Ukraine.

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