“Ronja Røverdatter” will be a TV series – VG

"Ronja Røverdatter" will be a TV series - VG
1983 Movie: Ronja Roverdätter (Hanna Zitterberg) in the arms of Skull Bear (Alan Edwall).

Astrid Lindgren’s novel will be shown on TV in 2023.


Viaplay’s upcoming major investment in North ‘Ronga’ was written by ‘Broen’ creator Hans Rosenfeldt and directed by Lisa James Larson, and will have groundbreaking visual effects. Nent Group writes in press release Monday.

Twelve episodes were ordered spread over two seasons, and the series premiered in 2023 on Viaplay.

The cast of the series has not yet been completed. At the time of writing, it is also unknown when the recording will start.

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This isn’t the first time that Astrid Lindgren’s novel has been turned into a TV series. In 1984, a series was produced based on the film from 1983. But now, after 37 years, a completely new version will be produced.

“Ronja” follows the adventures of a girl born into a gang of thieves in a medieval Scandinavian castle. As Ronja grows up, she discovers that the surrounding forest can be a magical, and sometimes dangerous, place filled with strange creatures.

Among Astrid Lindgren’s best-known books, Runja Roverdetter is also one of the world’s best-selling and translated authors with more than 75 published books.

In addition to “Ronja Røverdatter”, Astrid Lindgren made “Pippi Longstocking”, “Emil in Lønneberget” and “Children from Bråkmakergata”.

Check out other notable news: Odin Waage, who became famous from the hit series «Rådebank», got a new job. Now he goes from stealing to erotica on audiobooks:

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