Room 407, Scandic Hotel, Seven Sisters

Room 407, Scandic Hotel, Seven Sisters

A poem inspired by Room 407 of the Scandic Syv Søstre Hotel was apparently performed by Frode Grytten when he and the Beat Band gave a concert during the opening of Petter Dass Days on Friday evening.

We reproduce the poem here, with permission from the author.

I'm in a house that's not my house
In rooms that are not my room
Just for one day, one day
Another thirty thousand days
Room 407, Scandic Hotel, Seven Sisters
Out of the world, north of the family
Behind the sixth stall

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I can direct the TV or myself
Around me, the man dropped to
Coughing, footsteps, arguments, cell phone calls
A lost tribe fled here
Collection in rooms where the bed is the focal point
Surrounded by walls that are not a home
For a few hours our lives are only here,
Only now, everything else is forgetfulness and morality

I open the minibar and lie down on the bed
He stares at “The Bachelor” and “How to Marry a Millionaire.”
For he who believes in pleasure has no hope of greater happiness
There is no greater happiness than this, than throwing
Hours alone, while I wait for the gloom
And all evening and all night
Dancing, stroking, kissing and caressing in the next room
Where scoundrels or trendy couples live

This city has only one street
This city only has one room
These hands don't know what to do
Give them, give them, give them
Give me the seven sisters
As if you believe, as if you believe
It's like you're holding someone you love in your hand
Soon they become just idol artists
which can be conjugated with the verb “to love”
The older I get, the less I know
The older I get, the less I have
Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me
Give me the sweet version

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And on Sunday morning I will take him with me
Toothbrush and bag, close the door to room 407
Go down to the reception, where you will ask behind the counter
Did you have a good stay?
Did you take anything from the minibar?
Did you break the sixth stall?

I don't remember anything, I have to answer, it's me
You don't remember anything

Frodo Gretton

“Did you break the sixth commandment?”

Pedro Carmona Álvarez and Frode Greiten formed the Beat Band at Alstahaug Church on Friday evening. Photo: Leif Steinholt
Freud reads Greiten. Photo: Leif Steinholt
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